Climate Change in Australia (Part 2)

Yeah sure like a single particle that makes up less than 0.05% of the earth’s atmosphere is responsible for the overwhelming majority of all warming is the simple answer here. Nevermind that pesky ball of lava :roll_eyes:

It’s so awful that C02 stuff.

It’s a molecule. Not a particle.

Check your notes

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William of Occam must have been real smart. He did not even know about ice cream trucks, let alone how they could heat the planet.


Actually it’s a compound

Actually it’s a molecule, formed as a compound of three different atoms.

Molecule: as people here say: do your research.

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Opportunity knocks for some. The Arctic fishing industry in Norway is making mega bucks from those giant crabs which are now flourishing in the warmed up coastal waters of northern Norway.
And in the future NZ will be our main supplier of fresh salmon ( the coarser Pacific species),as the Tasmanian salmon industry is only just surviving at the adge of the climatic zone for Atlantic salmon.

It amazes me how people like yourself spend so much time on this topic and don’t learn any basic chemistry or physics. There’s some really interesting stuff out there man, beyond the partisan sources you’re absorbing.

Go do some independent research from mainstream sources about what we’ve talked about today. Balance yourself out. And if at the end of doing that you still feel the way you do, then I’ll respect your informed opinion. But as it stands… dude… you aren’t doing yourself any favours by posting the distorted misinformation you’ve been feeding on.

Either way…it’s lovely stuff for our plants

indictment on the education system tbh


The Luddites had more going for them than the climate sceptics.
At least they were concerned with unskilled labour replacing artisanal skills, exploitation by the rentier capitalists .
While climate deniers want to preserve the profits of the fossil fuel capitalists and the agrarian robber barons.


Is it a surprise that there was a global temperature rise after the Little Ice Age?


Why do I keep opening this thread?


I don’t give a rat’s about fossil fuels or the industry. I just don’t want us to spend trillions on unreliable and environmentally disastrous technologies in the attempt to solve something that isn’t an issue, putting our economy further in the drink.

The net zero goals are a joke and won’t make one iota of difference to the outcome of the climate.


Did you expect to find information and healthy debate, instead of conspiracy theorists and cognitive dissonance?


I have some bad news for you

Globally, fossil fuel subsidies were $7 trillion or 7.1 percent of GDP in 2022, reflecting a $2 trillion increase since 2020 due to government support from surging energy prices


So there’s no room for debate? This is a thread on a forum.

Debates are contests of ideas, I haven’t seen that at all


Like nuclear power ??


You aren’t even good at trolling

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