Climate Change in Australia


This thread is like trying to argue with a lump of Coal …


Or dies in the winter lulls.
e.g. Last June.


I think perhaps the argument might be to keep the derelicts going while they build more coal plants. Because coal.


its an amazing thing…


Pretty obvious. To maintain supply.


I ant believe are really this stupid, are you taking the p1ss ?


Yes I know common sense is not in your repotoire. Sadly you are too old to add it in unfortunately.


Good sense is not common.

At least I can spell


At least I can spell.

Sure you can.
Sentence construction needs a little work though.

Missing “c”, missing apostrophe, missing “you” not that I would.


Here’s an interesting article from the ABC.


EFA. It is important young people know what happened back in the '90s.

It was boofhead Kennett and his Tory offsiders who came in and flogged off everything they could to their mates. He made no promise to do those things during the election. Of course many of the Tories would later get jobs “advising” the companies that profited so well.

And of course the Nats stood by and said nothing about all this, even when Kennett closed down schools and hospitals in the bush.


I know that it’s the USA but one thing I do know that if anyone in Florida has electricity at the moment it’s not coming from solar or windmills.


Well Albert, I was trying to seem unbiased, but you are correct about Kennett.

I would argue however that after he sold the SECV down the toilet, he was re-elected. Now this had a lot to do with the ■■■■-house Labor Government of that idiot John Cain and his bunch of crooks, but Kennett winning was some sort of approval of the dumb decision to destroy the best Electricity Company in the World.


During Harvey 22,000Mw shut down.


But it could be coming from battery. molten salt, or hydro pumped storage all provided by wind &/or solar.

All of which are more easily, cheaply and cleanly provided sources than coal or gas.

Moreover, … if they have their own battery storage filled by PV solar panels, . it won’t matter when the power lines come down, or transformers blow. Those with that set up will be the only folk to have power when those things inevitably occur.


Was going to say battery would be the only thing to solve transmission going down.


Bacchus I do not know why you are so harsh on the Cain government.

John Cain was so scrupulously honest that he paid for the stamps for any letters he sent. All his ministers he advised to follow similar principles.

The mistake they made was taking advice from the PS on how $ should be invested to BUILD the economy. That was their goal - entirely different from the Tories whose goal was to flog off whatever they could.


Don’t know how close you were to his Ministers but more than one were as corrupt as Stevie Dank. The stories, I could tell, and Albert, if I knew sure as ■■■■■ John Cain did.


I haven’t commented in here for a bit, but i have a question to soulnet and humble minion.
Are you both involved in the industry or do you read up on this through media and other sources.

Reason i ask is you both come across as the most knowledgable and i’m just curious as to where you source your information.


I’m not in the industry. I have a physics degree, so I’m pretty well up on the science of AGW and I can spot a dodgy ‘study’ a mile away, but what I know about policy etc is a result of reading what’s out there. There are people on here who know much more about the energy industry than I do.