Climate Change in Australia


Here is your chance to make big money out of climate change.

Go for it.


If there’s any sort of market on predicting climate change, then you independent-minded iconoclastic thinkers who question the IPCC orthodoxy are in the box seat to make a mint. Remember, every major scientific organisation in the world, every national government in the world, believes the truth is that AGW is happening (or at least they pretend they do). There’ll be a lot of money on the ‘it gets warmer’ side of the ledger.

But you know better, don’t you? You’ve seen through the conspiracy, and know that the whole thing is just an IPCC hoax intended to achieve … something or other … while billionaire scientists wallow in the cash they wrested unfairly from struggling oil & mining magnates and cackle over their champagne at pensioners freezing to death in unheated hovels. Everyone else has been fooled, but not you. So put your money where your mouth is. Stake the lot on ‘gets cooler’. The odds will be amazing, given all the money is on the other side of the book to you. You could make a mint on this.

If you put your money where your mouth is.


It was colder in my backyard today. I win.


It looks more like an interesting way of measuring scientific consensus.

It also looks like it’s only open to selected scientists and experts @sorfed


Frankly, i saw it was a wattsupwiththat link and didn’t bother following it. Nothing worthwhile comes out of that place.



Just wait till investment does start flowing into this. The IPA will send out the flying monkeys to attacking the hell out of it and we’ll end up with idiots repeating bizarre beliefs from the Australian like they’re simple truths.


I imagine it will be something like the following…

Water is a precious natural resource, we need it for drinking and farming, can’t spare any for making electricity.


I still can’t believe it’s legal to export food from Australia. So much water being lost.


“Coal mining and cotton farming first and foremost” in the finest print possible.


And for Cubbie Station.

After all, the Darling has plenty of water for rice and cotton. Just not for anything further downstream from Cubbie.


I think there is an island of the Azores that has pumped hydro linked with wind turbines and a desalination plant for the water.


And it’s as red as a communist’s ■■■■. Unlike buying dilapidated coal plants


More like:

Water is a precious natural resource, we need it for fracking, can’t spare any for making electricity.


Always so bizarre to me to think that the carbon tax, a big market based government solution, was actually working. The Liberal Party is truly the purest trash.


Yep, but working poor, something, somthing


I think you will find that the one of the key planks that got Liberal in and Labour out is the carbon tax - Labour’s deceit in bringing it in and Liberal promising to get rid of it.


And the average Australians idiotic understanding of what it actually was due to the bullshit spilt from the Tories


I’m acutely aware of that. But it was the right thing to do, Gillard did it, it worked, and then the Liberal Party repealed it. Hence, they are the purest trash.


The right thing to dupe the Australian people through a lie in the interests of achieving nothing?

Looking forward to the Labour party taking that to Australia as policy at the next election. Doh! I suspect Australia will see that a polished turd is still a turd as was apparent previously.