Climate Change in Australia


Obviously I mean it was the right thing to do to price carbon emissions.
You’re right in that Labor will not take anything that looks anything like a carbon tax into the next election. The lesson was they should have fought the semantic argument harder ie ‘it’s not a tax it’s a carbon pricing scheme’. Also they didn’t really tell us it was working… hard sell for Labor to put ppl in polluting industries out of jobs.
Carbon might eventually be priced in Australia but it looks more likely that the energy market is just going to do all the work for us.


It actually achieved a lot.

And it’s almost like saying a vote for gay marriage is somehow a gateway to boys wearing dresses to school


4 corners doing a big story on Adani and it’s shiftiness, Tax dodging, environmental bastardry etc tonight.

Starts at 8.30 ABC1.


Recording it


Been watching for less than 10 minutes and it’s making me sick. This ■■■■ needs to be stopped at all costs.


Fed Gov falling over themselves to give tax payer dollars to this arssehole, having just given Rupert et al more media power & dominance, not to mention just flat out handing him a 30 mill tax payer funded bribe, whilst stripping more from the ABC and trying to muzzle them further… not to mention the other shitt they are doing & getting away with.

Meanwhile the economy slowly is on the improve and will continue to do so for the next few years, along with Uncle Rupes saturation supportive coverage now, means they look much better to get re elected so they can continue to fk us & Americanise us further in their sneaky little increments.

Thank god DiNatale let them slip the noose by agreeing to the double dissolution eh?

Thankyou Richard,… you sure are a Dickk.


from the same people who did the lovely story on the EFC…

Im still waiting for some action from the rort that was exposed about the recycling waste industry…

Don’t hold your breath folks!


They’re reporting on Comminsure screwing over people was pretty good.


There has been some movement on waste recycling and a lot on water.
Some of the programs are sensationalist. Caro Meldun Hanna seems to be the most thorough in her research and reporting.


Tony Abbott channeling @sofed that climate change might be doing some good.


Lol, yep, Tony is clinically insane, so that’s to borrow a phrase. warming


But does he really believe what he’s saying or is he just … VIRTUE SIGNALLING???


Not to be pedantic but only a judge can rule someone ‘clinically insane’.


You’re thinking of legal insanity. Psychologist and Psychiatrists can diagnose clinical instanity, legal insanity is when a judge rules that a clinically insane person is unable to take responsibility for their actions. You can be clinically insane without a legally insane ruling.


No doubt it will benefit some people / species etc.


Yay, Cane Toads


so now the solution is just turn things off turn it down…oh and if you do you can have some movie tickets or a free days energy…

We are kidding ourselves…


Hi Ben, is it true that Q’land is banning all electric guitars in bands and all guitar players will have to learn to play acoustic banjo ?


Nah, introducing coal fired guitars powered by adani, the government is going to give us 100k to play them telling us it will create 150,000 guitar playing jobs


Nah, introducing coal fired guitars powered by adani, the government is going to give us 100k to play them telling us it will create 150,000 guitar playing jobs

Be careful mate , difficult to trust those redneck Labor politicians