Climate Change in Australia


Cool, … Taxpayer funded yeah?


Kind of, only from widowed pensioners. You should be fine


Good piece on the bullshittery from the likes of Andrew Bolt and now all of his true believers on social media doing the rounds about new coal generation being built OS.


Exemption for solar powered guitars. No gigs after dark.


Don’t fret!


I wasn’t. You pickin?


No, I was gently weeping.



Whyalla steelworks going to invest $700m in battery and pumped hydro. Plans to become a net producer to the grid. 2 year project. Bring it on. Once industry start getting involved like this there’s no excuses left.


How are they generating?


Solar. Storage through battery and pumped hydro. In addition to this a solar thermal generator is going to be built in Port Augusta around the same time.


Slipped this one in while Trump was in Japan


I will also just leave this here.


He is chairman of Zen energy. Very objective, not! Let’s quote it as fact though. Funny stuff!
Oh, and just in case you did not know, SA has the highest power cost in the country!


Any chance you can copy paste the article? Paywall.


Are you seriously questioning Ross Garnaut’s credentials and integrity ?

And I think you will find that the latest published figures bear out what the Professor is saying, that the wholesale power costs in SA are amongst the lowest in the Nation.


Below is AEMO data, average price for October with SA second cheapest(beaten by Tassie with all their Hydro). But what would AEMO know, clearly your info from the herald sun is correct.



See also article in The Guardian of 8 November by Michael Slezak : “ South Australia experiences dramatic fall in energy costs”


Werewolf can bark,… but Reality bites!


‘SA has expensive wind power” was the best argument the coal fanboys had though.