Climate Change in Australia


Looking forward to a 5kw solar install next month. Was my condition for Ms CBs push for aircon.


God to see Mr Wolf admit he was wrong or at least put up an argument.

Can’t wait to see him go quite then repeat the same lies in a month or so.


Wrong? Absolutely correct. SA has the most expensive electricity prices in the world and the chairman of Zen energy cannot be taken seriously when it comes to items that Zen energy stand to profit from. I would have thought this a no brainer even for the leftist lemmings here!


Rebutting facts with opinion and abuse. Nice work.


No fact. Did not abuse anyone.


I’d say Lemming is a term of abuse. Pretty weak one granted, so you’ll probably call me a snowflake now.

Clicked your link. That’s an “expert” making a prediction. So another opinion then.

Back to google and see if you can come up with something else.


Snowflake. Oh and your head appears to be in the sand as well. BTW. Even if SA does not have the most expensive prices in the world (which they do and/or did) they are near enough to show how dismal their policies have been. Sadly it’s been hideously unreliable as well.


Waiting for facts


Do you find it hard to speak with sand in your mouth?


I don’t know what you mean by the sand in mouth comment.

Direct quote from your earlier article:
“Mr Mountain made the prediction based on national and international energy market data, and papers published by the Council of European Energy Regulators and OECD.”

It’s a prediction. It doesn’t counter the facts presented earlier by @Preliminary_Point2:

The new link you googled is asking me to subscribe so I can’t comment on it.


I think Wolfy has an issue understanding the difference between wholesale energy price and retail price too tbh


That article is dated 7 August, isn’t the claim that the SA power price had dropped to 2nd lowest in the country in October?




The wholesale sale costs make up less than 50% of the overall costs and with the volatility of renewables there will be good and bad days/months. Ultimately it won’t make a ratsarse difference to SA people paying amongst the highest prices in the world and don’t have enough supply to consistently meet demand.
The fact that warmists are claiming this as a victory shows just how far renewables have to go.


You are so wrong and I suggest you study it a bit harder. The wholesale cost is the cost of energy production

The retail cost adds in costs of transport and profit.


I’m actually correct. It is you that needs to educate yourself as usual.
Yeah the cost of transport is really high. Those electricity trucks cost a lot to run. Doh! Or do you mean the costs of transporting generators when their power fails :slight_smile:


Victoria has 5 distributers, SA has 1.

Perhaps the lack of competition in the distribution market in SA, might be a big factor in prices and not renewables.

See link and the variability in distributers per stats.


Transport is the cost of wires and the rest of transmission as if you didn’t know.


Don’t feed the Troll! Dog!!


I think he’s talking about supply. In the context of talking about building generation it appears SA’s generation costs are on a downward trend and heading for the best prices in the country. Wholesale, of course.