Climate Change in Australia


So is the use of alternative power facilities like wind turbines driving up power prices or not ???


Probably! What’s the alternative??? Or is it all around belief and feeling good?

Make solar cheaper, so every house who want it, can have panels for home use and surplus feeding into the grid and running on batteries overnight?

I have lived in complete solar/wind houses off the grid. Back in surburbia have always had solar feeding for home use and surplus feeding into the grid. Recently a small battery bank. Is working well and back to having NO bills again. But; I have paid for it by buying into the system. Six of one half a dozen of the other.
Our house was used for t.v. advertising purposes - small kick back.


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There are two arguments which tend to be overlooked here.

  1. The cost of replacing what we have as they are on their last legs.
  2. The cost or producing that power.

So replacing what we have. Again the world is telling us by contracts and projects around that world that renewable is cheaper.

With 2, while the coal power plants are working they are cheaper than building something to replace. But again, they won’t last forever.

Also with coal, please remember how much water they need to use as well. Can’t use ocean water either (as it would corrode the place to buggery).

If you want to go on pure economics it would be cheaper for us to sell that coal we would’ve burned and use that money to build renewable generators (wind, solar, hydro).


Most of the decisions pollies make always short term because everything has changed over time as it does. Therefore long term decisions and a PM like Menzies or even Whitlam/Hawke/Keating/Fraser/Howard to a lesser extent were geared toward a different stream of problems and economics.

Are we now in a short term mind everything set, our tax base has altered from backside dropping out of mining, other companies moving overseas to manufacture, our unemployment figures must be botched - the beauty of stats. Councils have become a third tier of Government in their own rite and are no longer just tax collectors. We are over governed, can the country continue to afford three tiers of Government?

And the elephant in the room - climate change. The climate has certainly changed where I live and everyone is talking about it.

The privatization of all once Government instrumentalities/utilities, transport, gas, water and power and to come public hospitals, nursing homes, health funds? It seems to be all a colourless painting. Australia the USA’s 51st state, a Republic or a continuing Commonwealth country? Or a merger with other Pacific/Asian countries???

Where are we heading, what direction are we taking, are questions to ponder?


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Better have a talk to your commo mates.


Name one business that has closed in Australia or moved off-shore because of the cost of power.




It’s funny that you use the commo jibe. From looking at that map, capitalist country’s are shutting down coal and communist countries are opening them.


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Nope, they may have closed Point Henry as an excuse to get a better deal for Portland, but primarily both Point Henry and Portland are old technology that could not compete versus more efficient smelters elsewhere. Alcoa have built some new large smelters in Canada and Northern Europe, and have also cut back production at old smelters in USA.


Also, …IIRC, once Iceland got in the smelting game, … it actually became cheaper to ship it halfway around the World for smelting, and then ship it back, … than we could do it here.


Iceland was/is using free renewable energy, … that’s farking why.


Iceland uses geothermal, don’t they?