Climate Change in Australia


Been living in and around the Toronto area in Canada for over the past 5 years and the province of Ontario has had a Cap and Trade system for at least the past 2-3 years I believe. It’s been working quite well, it is in partnership with Quebec and California. The incumbent liberal (centre left) party just got booted after around 18 years of governing by the conservatives led by the late Rob Ford’s brother who is a wannabe Trump-lite.

One of the first things this fool has done is to scrap the cap 'n trade system which will trigger the provincial government to fork out perhaps billions of dollars to buy park permits which are now worthless at previous market rates when he could have just waited a few more years and done it for free when the agreement was up for renewal.

On top of this, the Trudeau federal government is imposing a federal carbon tax and any province which does not have its own remissions reduction policy will have the federal plan foisted upon them. So ol’ Douggie Ford is looking like a right idiot, and is doubling down on his idiocy by threatening to take the Feds to court if they impose the tax (which all constitutional lawyers have said he will lose and cost the province many more millions of dollars). He’s supported by other conservative leaders in resource-rich provinces such as Saskatchewan.

The amazing thing about all of this is that the imbecile has no alternative policy. What is it with conservatives and CC and their lack of strategy to combat it? I guess it just comes down to the fact that they genuinely don’t believe in it. Any bluster that I hear about regulations and what not is just pure BS as Government regulation is the very antithesis of a typical Conservative


I think their “beliefs” are heavily influenced by bribes from industry.


Yep…so do I. They realise how much trouble cutting down on coal would cause their vested interests (and maybe even their electorate).

And there’s that Trumpian mistrust of everything sciencey.



Nothing is surer


Look mate, I sell heroin to your children. If I don’t sell it to them then someone else will. It’s not my fault they inject it into their eyeballs, so don’t blame me. It’s better I sell it to them as I check the quality and donate 5% to Ronald McDonald’s fund for lost children and other animals.
I am considering diversifying into coal and uranium but I don’t like being part of something which is contrary to our long term health and survival. I’m sorry but I just can’t sink that low.


What have you got to say now Mr SCUMMO?


It’s incredibly awesome that Morrison gets anointed this fluffy nickname of ScoMo to try and make him look suddenly more likeable, and the people turn it into Scummo


Interesting how they’re trying to come at the other side of the issue (to avoid the issue of coal generation) and putting pressure on the generators to stop gaming the market. No doubt it goes on but it’s certainly not the only thing forcing wholesale prices up. It’s like the government (and coal lobby/right wing media) vs generation cartel both waiting for the other to blink on their own bullshit stories.


Wondered that myself, why would a vessel be so close to land when they could have sailed through 3,000 metres of ice free ocean.
Maybe the skipper had been reading the wisdom of climate scientists who have said there would be no ice in the Arctic after 2014 and was taken by surprise by an ice-floe mirage.

Anyhow, yet another idiot has had to be rescued.
The Canadian Coast Guard rescued two passengers of a sinking sailboat who were trapped on an ice floe in Arctic waters early Wednesday morning. The incident took place in Bellot Strait. (CBC)
Drama in the northwest passage
Sailing yacht gets into drift ice in the middle of the night, gets breached and sinks within minutes. The crew had to flee onto sea ice
Pascal Schürmann on 29.08.2018

About time they let these morons die.


As someone who is learning to sail, there is so much to learn, and you never stop learning. Every environment is different and anything can happen. But skippers of large boats/ships should probably know better.


If they let morons die, you surely would not be still here.


It takes a pretty special sort of dumb to claim that someone hitting an iceberg in the Northwest passage is evidence that climate change is overblown.

The Northwest passage was basically impassable without a dedicated icebreaking ship until 2007, and now it’s open enough that frigging yachts are waltzing down there. It’s almost like … the climate changed…


Is anyone making plans to use the new solar scheme on their homes?


Yeah, but it proves Al Gore was wrong about no arctic ice ever. At all. So, climate change hoax.


Depends on the detail. I’ve already got solar (wouldn’t mind expanding it, but I don’t think the schema allows for that) but both parents are looking into it for their respective houses.

Though it’s got ‘pink batts scheme’ written all over it unless the govt really clamp down hard on the dodgy sparkies trying to cash in, cutting corners, and either burning down houses or killing apprentices.


Similar boat. I’m trying to convince the folks to do it but obviously aware of pirates and ■■■■, old inverters. As are they.


So we are getting out of the Paris agreement


There goes the trade agreement with the EU then. The adults are at it again.


It’s ok. Scott will pray for us.


GEN 2:15 god instructed Adam to guard and cultivate his garden.

Scumo isn’t even a good Christian