Climate Change in Australia


IPA 2:26 Simon Breheny instructed Scott to ignore climate change and burn lots of coal.

Slowmo is a fine puppet


It’s all good, God promised he wouldn’t flood the planet… again.

He even sent a rainbow, and everybody knows a rainbow is like a double pinky promise.

Just have some faith guys.


You can get more panels on the scheme but it depends when the system was installed.

I’m hoping they do something with batteries soon.


I have solar also but looking into the state govt rebate to install solar hot water. Current electricity usage is over 50% for hot water.


What happens when states have no coal mines, no coal thermal power and even have a Liberal government? Just announced in SA that a home battery scheme similar to Victoria’s home solar scheme is happening. 40,000 homes with home battery to act as a virtual power plant over the next few years. Government covered half of the expense. No upfront cost. But, that’s not all. Sonnen, the German battery producer is setting up in the old Holden factory in Elizabeth . Set to produce 10,000 home batteries per year. Game changer. SA are flogging every other state and they’re doing it under a conservative government.


Even in spite of the cheap shots


If a battery scheme was to operate in Vic, I’d be tripping (ahem) over myself to get on board.


Sounds very good in theory, but I think that putting solar on the roof or a wind tower in your backyard is what you should do before you get the batteries.


Don’t disagree at all. I’m assuming the huge uptake of rooftop PV in SA will compliment it. I’m unsure of the conditions to be met before being able to get hold of one, though.


If Labor gets another term I’d imagine the likelihood of a battery scheme would increase given the gigantic solar scheme they’ve already kicked off. Might be waiting a few years though. They’ll be way cheaper by then too.


Political storms hitting Washington,
Hurricanes lining up in the Atlantic.


On mobile. Someone might be nice and paste article.


Might be a few years. Might be a day.


Labor offers a $4838 battery bonanza for homes with solar panels

Noel Towell, Benjamin Preiss

3-4 minutes

The new batteries policy will cost an estimated $40 million, with 10,000 households expected to take part, lured by the chance of cutting up to $650 from their annual power bills with the rapidly improving battery storage technology.

The announcement is part of a suite of subsidies and payments aimed at putting solar technology in 720,000 Victorian homes.

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State's solar and wind energy boom could power every home for a year

The centrepiece of the government energy renewable election pitch, a $1.2 billion subsidies scheme offering free solar panels to 650,0000 households, was announced in August.

It was followed by a $60 million promise to pay $1000 toward the installation of solar hot water systems in homes that are not suitable for rooftop solar panels.

The latest announcement will open up subsidies to even more households – those already using solar panels to generate power – as Labor looks to build a strong cost-of-living policy platform heading into November’s election.

The focus on renewables bolsters the government’s environmental credentials as it faces a strong threat from the Greens in Labor-held inner-city marginals.

But the latest policy announcement is squarely aimed at households in growth suburbs on Melbourne’s fringes, where many of the states’ marginal seats are located and which have shown the highest uptake of solar power generation.

To be eligible, applicants will have to be owner-occupiers of a house worth less than $3 million and with an annual household income of less than $180,000.

There will be no “double dipping”, the government says, with only existing solar users able to claim the subsidy for the batteries.

Labor says a household installing an average 11kW battery could save around $650 a year on their electricity bills, boosting the savings they are already making with solar panels.

The scheme will offer homeowners a 50 per cent rebate of the cost of their new battery storage unit, capped at $4838 in the first year and tapering down to $3714 by 2026 as the price of batteries comes down.

The government says technology is in development that will allow neighbourhoods to link their batteries, creating “micro-grids” of shared stored power to lower electricity prices even further.

Labor says it will spend $10 million to preparing the state’s ageing power grid for an influx of hundreds of thousands of household micro-generation operations.

“This is a game changer for Victorian families fed up with big corporations that have been price gouging and ripping consumers off,” Mr Andrews said.

“Only Labor will put solar panels, solar hot water or solar batteries on 720,000 homes – saving Victorians thousands of dollars on their electricity bills with renewable energy.”

Labor says Solar Victoria, the new agency it will establish to manage the massive program it has promised will put safety first and there will be no repeat of the infamous loft insulation affair under the Rudd federal government.

Only “accredited" solar installers will be allowed to work on the state scheme, the government says, and only safety-approved products will be allowed to be used.






Hope QLD follows…


Queensland don’t want that hippy ■■■■


I don’t care what the rest of QLD wants, gimme my batteries