Climate Change in Australia


I’m holding out for a couple of years until the batteries are ■■■■-hot. Nephew works for Clipsal.


Super Capacitors will have likely made batteries defunct by then.


Then I want a super Super Capacitor.

My house faces north so I’d probably need them to face west. No-one really wants them on the front of the house.


Wind power going through the roof tonight in SA, VIC, TAS and NSW right now.


But as sorfed will tell you, ■■■■ all solar power getting generated.


Better build more of it to supply during the day then. Oh, but what if a weather front blows in? Then there won’t be much sun. Oh,but then it should be windy. Oh, but what if there’s no wind and… oh, I guess that means it sunny. But what if it’s not windy at night? Pumped hydro and gas peaking plants. Oh.


I am generating enough solar power to reduce my electricity bill to less than $500 per annum thanks to getting in early and receiving a 71.5c Kw hour subsidy from you. The best you can hope to achieve is about 20c or less.

My stance on renewables is that they are unreliable, intermittent and costly.

Sun doesn’t shine at night so you need batteries.
How many batteries and at what cost?

Wind is subject to long periods of drought, 3 day period last year where output was less than 0.5% so you need batteries.
How many batteries and at what cost?

Where are you going to site the addional 150,000 turbines and at what cost.

With a shelf life of 25 years who is going to pay for the removal of the 853 tonnes of material of each redundant turbine, that amounts to 5.2 million tonnes of debris each year, and you lot are worried about single use plastic bags.
Sure as hell the owners won’t stump up the money which leaves it to the mug taxpayer or leaving the obsolete Eco-crucifixes in place to litter the landscape with an addition 6000 turbines being built each year.

Don’t bother replying unless you have actual figures for the numbers and cost of wind turbines, solar panels and batteries.

And I haven’t even touched on the subject of the environmental implications of solar panel disposal, perhaps you could look into that.

P.S. where are you going to site all those additional turbines.


Don’t tell me how much power is being generated at the moment, tell me how much power will be generated at 3:30pm on the 18th of September.

Nameplate power counts for ■■■■.
Wind has an average efficiency of between 17-25%
It is like having a car that does 8 L/100k and a 72 litre fuel tank.
It has a range of 900km if full but if you only put 18L in it you ain’t going nowhere.


Well sorfed, mine is sited on my roof, along side the solar panels. Seem to get along with each other happily.

Maybe I will get a battery, maybe not.

And if you are still getting over 70c rebate, then you are the last one left in Victoria.


How much power will Victoria’s brown coal fleet be producing at that specific time? You don’t know, they don’t know. That’s why it’s a stupid argument. We have a mix of energy generation which is going to become more variable over time. It’s going to be fine.


Being Listed on the ASX today


I’d completely forgotten about this! Very exciting news.


Prospectus was like 30 cents a share (+options) and opened at like 20 or 21 cents.


Yep 30 cents was too expensive for me. So it opened at 20 cents - a loss of 33% already? Seed investors (if I have the term correct) are laughing though as they bought at 10 cents.


up to 29 cents C.O.B yesterday


Was 68c on a long term contract but for some mysterious reason it was upped by 3.5c.


One thing is known and that is that coal fired stations operate at between 85% and 97% all of the time barring maintainance and the extremely rare breakdown.
Wind on the other hand rarely operates above 45% efficiency and usually between 25% and 17% and on an average 12 times a month well below 2%.


You really should get a battery, I recomend the Redflow Z Cell, you can program to charge it up at night off the cheap offpeak rates and then use that power during the day leaving all of your solar to feedback into the grid.

Providing of course the feedin Tariff hasn’t been reduced below the offpeak rate.
Just checked, feed-in rate 9.9c.
In that case then people are being conned into feeding in electricity cheaply and then having to repurchase it at double the price.

At bit like Elon Musk’s S.A. Battery.
Charge if up at night using cheap Victorian brown coal and then flog it off during the day at spot prices ranging from $105 to $14000 Mw.
Nice work if you can get it.




Not sure that anyone’s being ‘conned’. Other than getting batteries (and still having to pay increasing rates for the connection), what choice is there?