Climate Change in Australia


Seems like it would be a good idea to combine it with solar and gas or pumped hydro then.


He is monitoring his own wind


I do not want to be on the farking grid.

I will share with my neighbors, but not interested in selling power. In fact may set up a small co-op in our industrial estate



No Blackjack


And no co-op.


Something that is absolutely a headfark for me - how can sorfed be so antagonistic about renewables when he is getting such a great benefit from solar.


No laws against opting out of the grid.


Think you know the answer and it rhymes with punt


Off grid is the way. I’m thinking I’m going to get a small 3 bedroom place that averages no more than 15kWh and see how it goes on a 6-7KW system with battery in a couple of years. Look towards getting away from gas eventually too. Low maintenance house, zero utilities (aside from base water costs). Full electric car which charges at home. Put the freed up cash into holidays.


1414 Degrees shares up 43% today!

That’s 0.43, or almost 25% above the IPO price of 0.35. Will be interesting to see where it goes from here.


I got some @ 33 cents the other day.
I was annoyed as wanted to buy day listed when 25ish but got too busy at work!

Almost 50 cents now 49.5


Coal efficiency of 85 to 97%? Are you sure, that sounds like fairyland stuff to me?


I did a tour of the Trevallyn Power station the other day and they run turbines off hydro electric system.
They can run four turbines, They only had 1 running on sunday.
They said that with solar/wind power they use electric power less, but have it ready to kick in when wind drops/clouds etc to cover demand.
Interesting they cant really speed up the turbines that much as it needs to go at a certain speed so converts to power which can be put back into the grid.
And the power station was mostly run remotely via Hobart…IE they could turn the turbines on/off from Hobart to manage demand for the state.
Talked about how they got experts from France and Italy to did the tunnels and 2 of the turbines were original from 1955, two of them had been replaced, but had been upgraded to be controlled electronically. One was updated in 2008 and another they showed us was 2004 computer technology.
And they have a electronic measurement of the water level for the dams, IE Trevallyn dam they manage so they dont waste much water ie spillage over dam, but try to keep it full for peoples access to boat ramp etc for Dam.


So, they’re about to start construction in the Port Augusta solar thermal plant. 150MW which makes it the biggest in the world so far. Looking at the electricity market it seems we would need around 100 of these to completely supplant coal thermal. This would depend on how much pumped hydro is brought into the mix and the mix of PV and Wind. PV being the daytime uptick service as well as primary charger of storage battery and hydro storage. Pumped hydro seems set to outcompete gas and gas peaking. Gas plants should be mothballed.

I think as soon as solar thermal starts competing with coal on cost things will start to finally fall apart for coal thermal. Will likely be sooner than we are lead to believe.


Awesome. Just heard that a 650MW solar farm with 80MW battery to be built near my home town. Not officially approved yet but it’s on according to good advice. Victoria is about to boom folks.


Apparently part of the auction process. I thought they’d announced all of that but looks like more to come. Andrews going all out. Maybe following the SA example. Just shove it through before it’s too late. Doubt Guy will be as reciprocating as Marshal but the dominoes are falling on coal.


I doubt the Vic Libs are as beholden to the fossils as the national Libs are.


They aren’t. They’re very interested in coal seam gas though.


This is exciting, and I don’t know what solar thermal is. But would you need 1000 if everyone had solar on their roof?

It’s crazy that we are all linked to one power grid, when we could each have our own little power station at home.