Climate Change in Australia


Possibly not as many. The base at night seems to be around 1500MW though so 100 x 150MW solar thermal plants that can spin for 8 hours after sunset wouldn’t be too difficult one they become competitive.

Solar thermal is a solar energy system that uses the parabolic effect of many ref;ective surfaces (heliostats) focussed on one point to heat a medium (usually a molten salt) which can then be used to creat high pressured steam to drive a turbine.


I am antagonistic towards renewables because once they hit 10% of power genterated the system becomes unworkable.
I am antagonistic towards renewables because they raise the price of power to obscene levels.

South Australia has electricity prices higher than every country in the world and they are doubling down just like Daniel Andrews with his 45% target.

As for the benefit I receive it purely a commercial decision, the only rort I have been quick enough to get in on the ground floor.
I also detest banks but they pay great dividends and that is why I have large proportion of my portfolio invested with them.

On a lighter side I see the great eco-warrior Harrison Ford wants you to turn off your smart phones to save the planet. This is the same Harrison Ford that has 13 motorcycles, numerous cars, and 8 planes one of which is a two engined jet liner.
Ranks right up there with self righteous hypocritical preachers like Gore, DeCaprio, Brad Pitt, Travolta and the IPPC pervert Rajendra K. Pachauri.
These are the type of people you look up to and follow.


You realise current renewable penetration into the grid is around 25%, right? Also, the wholesale prices are dropping in SA and that NSW and Qld are more expensive? Of course you do. You just keep repeating the same bullshit mantra as though it will protect your warped world view from crumbling.


I think the website you mostly frequent would be a very ■■■■■■■ scary place.


I said coal fired stations operate at between 85% and 97% OF THE TIME.
Are you incapable of reading and understanding plain english.

Typo, i meant to say coal operates at full power 95% and 97% of the time

What I am referring to is baseload power, the stuff you rely on to keep your transport systems, your factories and your hospitals working.
The only renewable that can do that is hydro and you can’t increase that because of the Green movement, the rivers need the water etc. etc.
Wind can completely disappear in under an hour, likewise solar. you need baseload.


I know, I have been told often enough, and by experts.
But when it comes down to it you are paying my power bills.
How does that make you feel?


I’d wager there are few people here less happy than you.


Actually I am not paying your bills at all, unless you are one of my ex-wives.

You show about the same level of intellect as one of them, so are you blonde ?


calm down nanna.

your post wasn’t that clear to me, that’s why i asked the question.


Does any one follow solar companies valuations on various markets? I track First Solar which is one of the bigger solar companies in the States and it’s share price has been hammered due to Trump’s tariffs.

Do local solar coy’s have that type of risk exposure?


when i read that you all feed power back into the grid who does it belong to when it feeds into the grid and how much do they charge the normal customer for it afterwards?


The reliability of power isn’t so dependent on supply as the grid though.


Except that recent research suggests that they won’t.

Also, South Australia has never had higher electricity prices than “every country in the world”, and prices there have been decreasing steadily over the past year because of the new renewable infrastructure going in. And their system has arguably been more reliable than those in other states over that same period.

I suggest you look at the facts rather than get all hot and bothered over the what attention-seeking Hollywood types are saying.


This was being done 10years ago.
Then someone stuck Abbott incharge.
We got sucked into a Hollywood Government.


What about under water kites?




1: Name the countries that have cheaper power.
2: Are you seriously using the Grauniad as a source of information?


According to the most unfavourable estimates in the ACCC’s 2017 Retail Electricity Pricing Enquiry preliminary report, at least Germany and Denmark had higher electricity prices than South Australia among countries in the OECD. Victoria, Queensland, and NSW took 5th, 6th, and 9th places, respectively.

I’m actually using Acoss and the Brotherhood of St Laurence as sources of information after the Guardian report informed me of their research. However, given that your understanding of the world appears to be derived primarily from Steven Marshall, News Corp, and the Hollywood Reporter, I can appreciate that journalism that actually exposes you to information may make you uncomfortable.


Water kites.
WTF are water kites?
Do you people sit around in darkened rooms smoking pot to come up with lunatic ideas?


Another poster used to always deliberately misspell “Guardian”. Are you really Tripper in disguise?