Climate Change in Australia


They are a very interesting and allegedly effective way to harness tidal power under the water.



Apart from all of that, who would ever expect SangaShortOfAPicinc to produce a sensible answer?


Your Ignorance really has no ceiling.





If you need a better article research it yourself.
Sorfed and Noonan may like to check manners 1st.



Learn your history sunshine, that name was given to them by Private Eye because of their constant typo’s and inaccuracies.


So, just a variation of than other lunatic idea to fly kites in the jet stream attached to 8,000 metre cable wound around drum generators.

By the way salt water and mechanical devices don’t work well together.

How many abandoned wave generators are polluting the beaches of Australia and the scheme to build a tidal basin using underwater turbines in the Bristol Channel was abandoned as not practical. This was the seventh such proposal.


Which is why oil rigs never really took off.


And ships. It’s a shame, really. Would have been a great idea.


Submarines were an epic failure too


desal plants.


Lucky coal plants never use sea water then. Oh, wait…



Some of these renewable proposals may not work, but that’s common with new technology. At least there are efforts being made in this search for more options to create energy.


Kites are probably a load of old tosh.
They’ve been trying to make them effective for a long time, and I think it might have been me that posted a ‘why don’t they’ here years ago.
You can see the attraction.
It’s a natural perpetual motion machine.
It’s gotta work, surely?

But not yet, and maybe not ever.
Worth a go, though.


Guys, never go full sorfed


Yeah well try saying “they won’t work” and “they’re a load of rubbish” to Toshiba and IHI in Japan.
These guys don’t ■■■■ around. Unless they visit the underwater strip club in Israel…