Climate Change in Australia


Lot of moving mechanical parts on a oil rig platform?
You really are a clown.


Have you ever been on an oil rig? More pumps and valves than an oil refinery

And a Control Room, Laboratory and massive workshop with lots of tools.


Oil rig you say…


Only one clown in this thread …


You mean we can’t all just invent our own reality? Like the one where only coal, oil, gas and anything other than solar and wind generation work?


Screw that, if the future isn’t steam punk then I don’t want it!


I’m trying to think of some sort of machinery without any moving parts…


Flywheel, that is about it.



(not a machine, … but a tool, … like sorfed, … .)


Solar panels?


Kites are, funnily enough, a reasonable example.


Hmmm, … :thinking: Are flex and twist and torsion classed as parts moving??


The first thing that came to mind was an old fashioned flat iron, so I think we were on similar lines…







noun: machine ; plural noun: machines

an apparatus using mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task.


Cars stuck on the Great Monash Car Park?


Lol, … actually, any machine not in operation is technically a machine with no (presently) moving parts, … yes.


Yeah, if it’s something like a spring. Clearly you have parts moving relative to one another and mechanical losses that eventuate. And issues like fatigue, wear and corrosion, which are the practical reasons for considering moving parts. But you could probably build a kite that is rigid enough to not have those issues. Which is why is that it a reasonable example, of not entirely resistant to pedantry.


Nothing is resistant to pedantry at Blitz.


Or puns