Climate Change in Australia


It’s …


It’s impuntent to punt out pundentry rules here.


Unfortunately, the reality we’re currently in - Coal, Oil, Gas and Nuclear are the only power generation that works…


The guy up the road with a few dozen solar panels is gonna feel pretty foolish when he hears that.


Not that foolish if he doesn’t want power at night


I think he would though.
If his lights didn’t work at night.
But they seem to.


Sounds like magic, will your neighbour down the street share his secrets with the world???


You are taking the pizz here,. … right?


It’s got something to do with photons.
I don’t think magic is involved.


How does he get these “photons” if there is no sun on his solar panels?


Oh dear, … I fear he’s actually serious… :no_mouth:


I just realised I have several farking magic lights in my yard!
They only work at night.
What is this sorcery???




Nice change of tack and nice try - Thats not sorcery, that’s just batteries


Mmph … slap


I just realised you put quotation marks around photons.
Like it’s a word I just made up.
Thank you for giving me a jolly old laugh.


I’ve been having a jolly old laugh at this pointless conversation


That’s the spirit!


So I guess we all realised, that in our reality, we still need Coal, Oil, Gas or Nuclear.

You did make a nice point about that one house though, in your street, oh and the little itsy bitsy solar lamps in your garden but there are so many more houses and lights in other street, not just yours.

Furthermore, we haven’t even discussed Industries and big business… golly gee I hope your little magical photons can operate these plants from the renewable energy plants of today, we have now, in this reality


If you want to talk about things seriously, then stop talking about magical photons, or saying things like ‘only these forms of power generation work.’
If you want to talk about specifics, fine, but you need to…you know…be specific.
Because solar power does work.
It does work at night.
Photons aren’t magic.

If you want to deny these things then we can have a lot of fun.
If you want to talk about positives and negatives of various alternate power sources then I’m sure that would be equally welcomed.