Climate Change in Australia


I gave you what you wanted.

You jumped on my comment with a stab about being foolish, so I ran with it and led you to the point that houses with panels still require the main power generation for power at night.

You are just too stubborn to see it and kept diverting my points into your own (photons is a good example) where it is up to me to bring the conversation back to a norm or we could’ve kept talking smack all night.

I just love the attitude that this forum has against anyone who says Nuclear this or Coal that. Yes renewables are the way to go, will they get there? Who knows. There is absolutely no proof that we will be sustainable on renewable sources anytime in the near future. 100+ year pipe dream at best.


Pointless wasting pixels here …


I didn’t say anything about coal or nuclear.
I merely pointed out that other power sources work.
I wouldn’t have thought that was an outlandish statement.

Anyway, here’s HM to go through the specifics with you.




I’ve discussed Nuclear with HM before, I enjoy his input in this thread and is one of the highlights that venture in here


No coal, gas or nuclear in Tassie and they seem to power everything.


Here they come…


The wizards?


I just love how you take things off topic and then point he blame further down the piece


Nah, … the pixels, …


Let’s just get this straight.
If you say silly things, I’m going to say silly things back.
And I’ll have fun doing it.




We’ve been down this track with this bloke. All his statements and myths have been debunked and refuted several times, … yet he comes back every now and then and sucks people into responding to the same BS again.

HM may actually suffer fools gladly and do so again however, …


I’m just going to interject randomly with facts, but post them in a smart Alec style.


Yes, but I think ‘magic photons’ is silly, and you think ‘solar power works’ is silly.

I find it difficult to take your lecturing poor me tone seriously.
Or, you know, anything you’ve said so far.


That’s the only way to keep sane in here most of the time…


You brought up photons, in the escape to divert from where they actually came from.




I assume they come from the rays of the sun.
I say assume, because I’m not any sort of expert, but it seems a feasible theory to me.
I don’t think they come from the end of a magic wand.
If you’re talking about the…dissemination of the energy from the photons, then that’s something else.


Whatever you do, … don’t mention Solar Thermal or Molten Salt heat storage, … or, …