Climate Change in Australia


Totally disagree with that. In my view Local Shire Councils are better placed to make decisions for their Communities. Most are not political decisions and there cannot be any conflicts of interest.

We had the same issues with Wind Farms about ten years ago and we and other Shires put Wind Energy Policy in place to make sure none of our Communities suffered. The Wind Industry labelled us as anti-renewable and made the arguments emotion driven, but funding the Greens and Australian Conservation Society to be vocal. All the policy really did was set fair set-backs, height limits on turbines and compensation for neighbours.

Labor State Government took over planning applications, and now Ballan will ringed with about 300 turbines 300 metres high. You can see them clearly from Melton.

Corangamite Shire has a very knowledgeable set of Councillors.


I just looked this up further. It’s actually wrong.

It’s fracking and coal seem gas.

Conventional is perfectly fine.


Only problem is the tallest in the world are currently 250m.


Not saying that at all . There are many new technologies and we should investigate them all but to quote someone, there are known knowns and there are known unknowns. Why can’t we acknowledge that there are technologies that work and plan those , Gas,coal,wind,nuclear and solar. I just want to know that if I switch on my stove or put a beer in the fridge ,they will work.
If newer solutions come along, fantastic. If they are viable I’m sure they will be picked up with great alacrity.


If it’s useless why not sell it for a dollar.


Cause the land is worth a bit too?

Also you are referring to yourself with the useless remark.


Or torn to shreds by vested interests and pollies in thrall to big business, aided by certain media. See the last 50 years.


It was opposed unanimously, which rare enough in most Councils. Bev MacArthur cannot vote or even be in the room, due to conflict of interest rules.

They would have had an indepth report on the application, and the land being high grade farming land should not be used for anything but agriculture.


And the Ballan ones are 171m.


So you don’t think they’re going to sell the land anyway ? By the way I’m sure any tax on the sale could be easily accomodated as AGL expect to make in excess of $970 million profit year ending 2019 fy.


Not when they can build other power sources on it.

It’s already hooked up to the grid.

You won’t need many new permits to build on it.

What better spot to do it on?


To drag the thread a bit back to topic, it would be good to hear more stories about climate change that doesn’t revolve around power generation. There would be many other industries that could also do something to improve.

Freight ships would be an interesting one. Apparently they use 95% of ALL the worlds diesel.


If you thought my comment on tax was about them affording to paying tax as opposed to wanting to avoid paying tax I can’t help you.


Seeing as we are using updated technology from 500BC for wind power surely we could use updated sail processes or maybe use the workers put out of a job by artificial intelligence as oar power.


Yep my mistake. The top of tip height was increased to 180 m, a few years ago by Planning Minister. The 2010 permit was for 90 metre turbines.

Also over-stated numbers, closer to 200 at 4 sites in the Shire.


Thank you. If only we could all admit to our mistakes.


Oh look, the foss is back. Tell us how you used to make thrupence for pushing trams.

That’s kind of renewable energy…


Ageism never gets old.


And when did humans start burning things?


Simple steam engines were described in the first century AD.