Climate Change in Australia


It’s a total fantasy. The closest they got was a pilot project in the US that reduced emissions by something like 15% (still by far the worst emissions of any form of generation) at massive increases to the cost of production. We will keep hearing about it though. Just like how business tax cuts = massive jobs!


7.30 is a must watch this evening.

Bit late, … but will rpt, and be up on iview later of course.


The Business Council of Australia have been meeting to try to nut out a plan to go it alone to meet the Paris Agreement target and encourage energy investments. Matt Canavan has derided it as undemocratic and corporate interference!. That’s possibly the richest thing I’ve ever heard. The gall. Interfering in burning coal? That’s all I can think his angle comes down to. The business council ain’t the most progressive think tank going around. The energy producers, retailers and half of mining is involved and they get attacked by the the Caveman. Makes the government’s agenda crystal clear. Coal, coal, coal.


Record it every night, so will watch later. Is Leigh Sales taking time out to promote her book?


What exactly does Climate Change in Australia mean? Isn’t our climate a global thing?


well ours hasn’t arrived yet and gawd willing it won’t, having been turned back or redirected to Nauru or some other gawdforsaken sand bar.


Picking up on the global comment. There was an interesting article from Ban Ki Moon this week.

Highlights not just that industrial nations are failing to act, but that the industrial nations promised to do some heavy lifting for poorer nations in relation to financing and we are failing at that too.


Originally, the efforts and impacts locally.

Currently. Sorfed


With the closing of our clothing, manufacturing, car, oil refining industries etc its hard to call OZ an industrial nation.


I think Industrialised was the word i was looking for.



Take that, BD and Reboot.


Yep, we’ve got a roof chockers with panels. It well and truly covers the cost of bills and cost less to purchase the second time around, than the first solar system we put on the roof in 2008.
In NSW then, a new home didn’t qualify for any of the Government subsidies. We got solar anyway because we wanted to make a statement. We were the second people in our town to have solar panels on the roof. We are only allowed to have a 5kw system. Some days we generate over 40 kws.

We came from a property in Central Victoria which was completely off the grid and ran three houses on solar/wind. We had two wind generators, 20 panels, a big ex Telecom battery bank from an Telephone Exchange and a back up 10kva Lister diesel genny. We were pretty much self sufficient. Some people called us pretend greenies, we didn’t wear hessian undies but we did do the BD 500 thing, grew nearly all our own food, ran a herd of milking goats, had chooks and ran a B and B. We also worked out of home three days a week.


Nice work there mdso!


It’s nice to agree on something outside of the football threads!


You claim you are the expert on graphs and I don’t know ■■■■ so educate me.
My poor feeble uneducated brain looks at a graph generated by satelitte data using the most accurate instrumentation ever built and I see the current monthly temperature anomaly of 0.14C is the same as 1987 and the 13 month average the same as 1998 and falling fast.

What do you see, genius.


I’m reaaaaaaaaally not an expert, and I have no idea what I’m seeing other than one thing.
Which is someone concentrating on two points that they happen to like from an extremely dynamic set of figures.


You have a poor feeble uneducated brain in common with the PM, former PM and the Minister for Environment.

So if all of you could Fark off off back into your cave and allow the rich, vibrant and educated people to work on fixing the problem


Simply look at the areas under and over the curve. The anomoly is mostly negative until the late 80s and mostly positive thereafter.


Ok first question fos, what is your understanding of atmosphere in relation to climate?

Secondly what is your understanding of climate in relation to weather?

Thirdly what is your understanding of upper and lower atmosphere effect on climate?

Because those figures can mean vastly different things depending on if they are Trope, Strat or Meso measurements


Plus, you really need to stop using graphs to illustrate your point, it makes you look incredibly ignorant.

But here you go foss, this is what I see,

You’re probably just looking at the last bit going. Ohhhh it got .3 degrees cooler ove the last 3 years!!!

You literally have the data right in front of you to see the cycle and the trend.

Oh my god

STOP USING GRAPHS TO MAKE POINTS! The only point it concludes is you can’t read a ■■■■■■■ graph!