Climate Change in Australia


Apparently smoking is only weakly linked to lung cancer, who’d have thunk


I found a graph that I don’t know how to read on the wiki for Little Ice Age!

One of the things I don’t understand about these graphs is that they never seem to start at zero.
I’m sure one of the sciencey guys will explain that to me.
Even so, holy crap!


Hurts his credibility doesn’t it. People are judged by the company they keep.


If you can be bothered going through it, and I for one would not judge you if you can’t, you’ll find there’s not a whole lot of credibility to be hurt.


You shared the graph :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I see an idiot


For a Troll @sorfed, you do have a feeble mind.

You post a graph that starts in 1979 and then use that in the argument that data needs to be considered from much earlier. Huh ???

Then you post a lecture from a notable Climate change sceptic, given to a Group who deny Climate Change with past lecturers like Abbott, Howard and Pell. Hardly a good reference for your position.

Even Trip had more brain power than this.


And every time no cogent reply, no data, no counter argument just dismissal or insult.
Bet you didn’t even read it.



Pot / Kettle.


And you’re always so polite, too.
It’s a mystery.


Well sorfed, I read every word of it and what you expect anyone who does not deny climate change is real, is happening and believes if we ignore it the Earth us farked, to say.

But keep on quoting the one percent.who deny there is any problem.


Of course there is climate change but if you remember this whole scam started with Global Warming followed by Anthropogenic Global Warming followed Catostophic Anthropogenic Global Warming until the warming virtually stopped in 1998 when the warmists suddenly discovered CLIMATE CHANGE.
Something the sceptics had been saying was causing the rising temperatures all along.

How do you think the Aboriginals got to Tasmania.
They walked, and when the 13,000,00 sq/km 3,000 metre thick Laurentide Ice Sheet melted the sea level rose around 80 metres cutting them off.
What caused that to melt? Certainly wasn’t CO2.

The world has just come out of the coldest temperature since the Younger Dryas when it was over 18C cooler than it is now.

The average inter-glacial period is between 10,000 - 15,000 years, we are already 11,500 years in.

Think about that.

You started it,


You started it.


Most of your posts call everyone else idiots.
And that’s fine.
But own it and don’t sook about people being mean back to you.


And Again, while I’m no expert, I’m gonna predict that you’re using a very specific set of figures that no-one else relies on to say that the earth has been cooling for the last 20 years.

Could be wrong, but that’s where I’m putting my money.



The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to avoid finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.
Marcus Aurelius Augustus.


Actually…that’s alright.
I don’t mind that.
Actually, no.
That’s silly.

um…let me get back to you.




Sorry about the edit.

I agree that being with the majority is not any sort of goal.
But it shouldn’t be anathema either.

I’m not sure what I think of that quote.


You’ve been posting in this thread for how many years now? Maybe it’s time you educated yourself.