Climate Change in Australia


Next you’ll be telling us it’s also an invisible, odourless, weightless, and tasteless substance !!!


What the actual fark is going on in here


Lord Monckton has dropped in to say hello.


Nobody has attacked you either. Can you address the fact that the article you cited comes from a certifiably pseudo scientific and largely discredited site?


I am sick of this canard getting repeated.

Please consider another analogy: your body also needs iron or you will die. However, getting whacked on the head with a crowbar will not make you healthier.


Mate, it’s the worst thread in the joint.


You’re partially right in that a small concentration of co2 is not poisonous, and it’s a critical element to life on earth. But make no mistake, it’s toxic one it reaches a certain level, I don’t know how old you are but you may remeber that it was the carbon dioxide scrubber failing on Apollo 13 (designed to remove the co2 from the air) that nearly killed the crew.


Nah, hands down the PC thread is


Old enough to have an independent thought (and a degree)…so not as dumb as some and most certainly not as smart as others. My 1st name is not Christoper !

I will admit that most of my info comes from man made climate deniers…and whilst not as radical and thinking its all a big conspiracy to hide the truth, I do have an open mind and think that the historical climate data stacks up with the solar activity and that there is a probability that a Grand Solar Minimum is on the cards for our planet. I don’t think climate models have taken solar activity into account either, certainly not the early ones.





No…but I notice Sorfed does, and some of the comments are way out of line. And this only because his opinion is different to the “main stream”. Does not a discussion involve differing views ???


Not a lot of discussion with that guy though, he never reads any data we show him, hell, he rarely reads the data he shares either :joy: it’s always full of holes or completely misinterpreted. His work with graphs is some of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on blitz, and I was the 38th person to join this site way back when


Was at the mill dam today, Longford middle of summer, and the water is right over the edge, water is right up here in Tasmania, never usually this high. Was unusually muddy as well on the lower pastures.


I’m fine with people looking at solar activity being something to be concerned about more so than the changing climate in which we live. So to that end I’m sure you are aware the only reason why earth has lasted as long as it has is because of our atmosphere, Venus lost its very early and Mars’ is nearly gone. Either way neither can support life. All the data that’s now being extracted from Mars shows a very high probability that Mars once did have an a life supporting environment, at least microbial. Now it’s 96% carbon dioxide and the planet cooled to the point it lost its magnetic field and now it’s completely fried.

If the climate is completely taken out of the discussion, protecting the integrity of our atmosphere should be an enormous concern also. Sending 40 billion metric tonnes of CO2 up there each year doesn’t do that.


I don’t get it, people say there’s “global warming” but this winter was pretty cold. Also it rained a bit too.

Explain that one, fancy “scientists”




Except Sorfed is not a human. He is an Alien sent here to fry all our brains with nonsense before the Mother Ship lands

You have also made a wonderous start as well, though I suggest you read research done by CSIRO Climate Change Experts, before Abbott sacked them all. For many years they have looked at solar activity aka sun spots, as an influence on our weather and on our climate.

Very interesting reading which makes Sorfed act like Predator.


Agreed, just not sure the CO2 is controlling earths temp as much as the sun does.


Btw, there is different to the mainstream and then there is wrong. Sorfed is almost exclusively wrong.

This is a thread about science, good science does not have an opinion. It’s like saying he has a non mainstream opinion that gravity is a myth.

This era is completely retarded, everyone feels that they can have a valid opinion on everything. Regardless on what they actually know about any given subject. I don’t know ■■■■ about yachting, so I’m not going to have an opinion on the subject. Sorf knows three fifths of ■■■■ all about science, I’d be surprised if he knew the boiling temperature of water. Yet he somehow extrapolates his loose grip on how to google something as his right to parrot utter bull crap loudly over the top of people who do have years of knowledge on the subject. We insult him because he is a rampant ■■■■■■■. We insult him because he insults the work of people who are trying to solve the problem.

I don’t have an opinion on ACC is real, I accept the consensus science.


Gee wiz, you can do the research into a potion but you can’t answer one of the questions I have put to you over the years concerning the manipulation of temperature data.
The siting of weather stations and the elimination of inconvenient sites.
The homogenisation of temperatures, i.e. Rutherglen being paired with Cobar in order to raise the temperature.
The use and abuse of electronic sensors at Goulburn where the minimum temperature was limited to -10C.
The absurdly low and fanciful adjustment of the UHI.
The problems caused by renewable energy sources of solar and wind and the massive increases in power bills, the incredible subsidies that they receive all paid for by the taxpayer.
The pathetic output of wind power for long periods, the last week being a perfect example, and don’t say batteries, you would need one the size of Tasmania.
The number of wind turbines needed to provide sufficient power to maintain a consistent supply.
Excluding WA as it is a stand alone system there are 1951 turbines with a nameplate capacity of 4325 Mw currently supping 7.4% of demand (6:30am on a public holiday, virtually no industry or transport being used) earlier the week it was down to 1.7%.
Where are you going to site the additional turbines, all the good sites are being used.

Let’s see if you can actually answer a question without it being based on some green wet dream.