Climate Change in Australia


Don’t confuse weather and climate.

Solar activity has been researched and shown to have an effect on seasonal weather events, not such and impact on climate. Carbon Dioxide and other emitted gases, change the atmospheres structure and affect long term climate patterns.

As I said CSIRO did ground breaking research on this which was lauded worldwide.


The Maunder Minimum lasted 50 years and was responsible for millions dying of starvation, I reckon that is climate changing, not a weather event.


Of course!

The sun is responsible for 99.9% of the temperature of earth. Without it we would be frozen ball of ice.


There is a debate as to whether the sunspot minimum or the Milankovich cycle has the greater effect on climate. A combination of the two could be disastrous.


Of course, if the experts in the field somehow found a way to prevent it, you’d be against it.


Conspiracy theories are the absolute best sort of arguments. They literally cannot be defeated, because any argument against can just be dismissed as being ‘part of the conspiracy’. It’s genius


Why are these scientists involved in a mass conspiracy? That’s the bit I don’t get.


Cos they wanna get rich and be eleet


The big mining companies and right wing government are…wait…




Maybe the models they create give the results their bosses want/need and therefore looking for other causes of global temp variances have not a very high priority for them AND they were ignorant to solar activity cycles.

The fact is that over the last 500 years, temperatures have swung from hot ( hotter than today ) to cold ( much colder than today ) back to hot again etc etc without any help from CO2 x man.

There is a very strong corelation from historically recorded solar activity and temperature data, that these temperature swings line up with solar activity intensity or lack there of. e.g. that solar activity caused temperature variances.

So no models needed here, its all based on historical facts supplied and verified by many Solar Physists (eg scientists). It is not proven, just likely. The proof will be what happen in the next 11 to 50+ years IMO. If the northen hemisphere starts experiencing record cold winters & snow falls, shorter summers, cereal crop failures…these are all indicators we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum ( the Eddy Solar Minimum ) and ■■■■ is gunna happen.



Are you saying that climate scientists don’t understand how the big yellow thing in the sky works


Look, this is just arrantly false. When in the past 500 years do you believe it was much hotter than today, and what do you base that statement on?

So why are we seeing extraordinarily high temperatures year on year on year over the past couple of decades when solar activity has not been unusually intense in any way? Solar intensity DOES impact climate, it’s just that at the moment that impact is being drowned out and smothered by the enormously greater impact of human-caused global warming.

I’;ve been hearing this for 20 years. I’'m old enough to remember when the temperature didn’t actually break any records for a little while after 1998 and every denialist and coal industry shill and conservative opinionwriter was gibbering about how the ‘natural climate cycle’ had reached its peak and that temperatures would start to lower again. I remember when Howard’s mob in the late 90s were saying how they shouldn’t act precipitously.

You’ve had your 11-50 years. They’re the PAST 11-50 years. The case is proved. The temperature keeps on cranking up despite the sun doing nothing out of the ordinary, and the sheer enormity of the warming we’re seeing now makes the Maunder Minimum and the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm Period and every other historical climate blip beloved of the denialist crowd look like a hiccup. ’


“In comparison with other influences, the effects of solar variations on present global warming are small. Indirect estimates suggest that changes in the brightness of the Sun have contributed only a few percent of the global warming since 1750. Direct measurements show a decreasing solar intensity over recent decades, opposite to what would be required to explain the observed warming. Solar activity has declined significantly over the last few years, and some estimates suggest that weak activity will continue for another few decades, in contrast with strong activity through the 20th century. Nevertheless, the possible effects on warming are modest compared with anthropogenic influences.” Australian Academy of Science, 2017 (on Satan’s payroll I’m figuring).


I said “maybe” as an excuse for their models exaggerations of the end of days predictions made by Gore in the late 1990s that climate scientists got behind.

Maybe the reason for the lack of global temperature rises predicted in the last decade is that their models lacked any impacts of solar activity on their models, else it would be fair to say they have either misled the public deliberately or recklessly, which I don’t adhere to. I just think their models were solar activity unaware early this century cause they were unaware of it.


But it’s not.
Yes, okay, but still though.

Not, but still though.
End of discussion.
Maybe they didn’t consider this?
Well, they totally did.

You don’t get to then go, ‘yeah, but maybe they didn’t consider this.’

The appropriate response is, ‘well, ■■■■ me, I didn’t know that. I guess I was wrong.’


Guess it just depends where you get your graph from.


You got yours from here:
The websites title says it all.


I am not denying increased CO2 introduced by man is increasing global temperatures, I’m just says Solar Activity also does and that this is not as trivial as some try to make it out to be…the world could be going into a sustained global cooling period due to the lack of solar activity, purely based on comparisons of the situation now to historical data. This could be a very serious issue if it comes to pass, as it WILL impact on global food supply and human living conditions…note “could be” and “maybe” are not conclusive terms !!!

Anyway, I’ll now let you guys nod your heads and agree with each other and give it to Sorfed ( whose views I find to be quite thought provoking ) and shut up.



Great post, HM! Again.

And congratulations for a modern day rarity: using the correct use of the word “enormity”.