Climate Change in Australia


See, that’s not great. I agree with the almost unanimous scientific consensus. You appear to have gradually narrowed your line of proposition, whinged about being picked on when you were being supplied with facts, then passive aggressively had a crack. Do shut up in that case.


You can go back a year or 2, I am not a climate change denier, my point of view just involves the sun a bit more in the ‘discussion’.


Another Krakatoa would make things interesting. Rooted up the world’s climate for 2 years, I believe.

There was a volcano in Iceland about 400 years that put the earth into a “nuclear” winter for a long period. Does wonders for overpopulation.

If Yellowstone blew…well, that’s the USA totally rooted.




Even if this were so - and there’s no strong evidence for it - so what?
We can’t control the sun
We can control the atmosphere.


Do you expect people to not be able to work out what “detrended” means, you silly little boy?
At least do us the honour of reading the extract from the study where you’re pulling your graphs.

Here’s the relevant bit. As you should know. If you weren’t a lazy little troll

“However, these variations are not significant enough to explain climate change, especially on a scale as large as that of global warming.”

From here

Or, alternatively, jog on.


Who is saying that Solar Activity does not affect our weather ? I think that was proved centuries ago.

I am not sure what your point is. Are you related to sorfed or have you been on a Trip ?


Sorfed has learnt how to copy paste folks


“sheer enormity”?

Reminds me of the exaggerated determination made by a certain self-confessed expert after he pooled uncompensated height gage, tidal station and satellite laser altimeter data to underpin the “sheer enormity of rising seas” too…



The main things to me are that the greenhouse effect is simple and preventing our impact obvious and now economical.

The release of energy from the Sun is not simple and our only response would be mitigation. This also applies to other unlikely but catastrophic events like supervolcanoes, giant asteroids, magnetic pole flips and Carlton winning a flag.


Excuse me, but it’s fark Carlton.


I’ve got zero issue with being concerned about solar activity, but using that as a reason to not be concerned about green house gases in like sticking a pad lock on your door mat. The only protection we have against solar wind is our atmosphere and excess co2 is ■■■■■■■ it.


It’s like not putting a hat on to stop you getting burnt because it’s the sun’s fault to begin with.


Is that cycle determined by the gap in years that she makes one of those Resident Evil movies?


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Not sure if this image is factural, but I can find images to say global temperatures have not changed this century:


Go figure


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