Climate Change in Australia


Doubt it, you seen his work with graphs?


Isn’t the ARC Centre for Excellence in Coral Reef Studies and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority run by the JCU, the same mob that is being sued by Peter Ridd who said they were fudging their data.


Um, no.

The Marine Park Authority is a body established by federal law to protect and monitor the reef. JCU has no input into it.

The ARC is a cooperative joint research effort between a whole bunch of different universities (one of which is JCU) and other bodies like the GBRMPA, and various overseas research institutions.

Your conspiracy theory about Peter ‘funded by the IPA and seabed dredgers and consistently defends their interests, to the point of baselessly accusing his colleagues of academic fraud on telly and chucking a tanty when he gets sacked for it’ Ridd will need to look elsewhere.


I tried to tell him, but you see, he’s a moron


Labelling this type of troll moronic, just pleases them greatly, as they achieve their goals. Nasty trolls like sorfed like to aggravate, spoil and annoy.

We disagree on some issues beni, but I have respect for your views. sorfed respects nothing, and like his mates who seem to have moved on, trolls the web to cut & paste to fit his agenda.

The sad thing for me, is that probably over one third of Australians would either agree with sorfed or just don’t give a fark about our environment and climate change.


ROFL. Up to mid December, BOM climate people were calling an El Nino. the SOI was sustained negative and tropical ocean temperature levels were at El Nino levels. Then they had to back flip on it. SOI went wildly positive, All this coincided with high levels of rainfall on the East Coast, which of course is not associated with El Nino , quite the contrary, its more a la Nina.

Basically until we see this resolved one way or the other the BOMs models representing many decades of climate research appear to be farked.

Its hard enough to model a stationary system, but they are trying to model a system during a global change process based only on what happens in equatorial waters around the date line and the Indian ocean its and its making a bit of a mockery of their established wisdom . IMO.


BOM actually look at weather patterns and not climate change.


False equivalence is false.




Ahem. The Australian National Climate Centre is part of the Bureau and a large part of the BOM web site is devoted to climate. The weather data they collect each day forms part of the climate record. The climate is changing.
I will leave the others to debate whether it is caused by human influences.


Yep, except that they look at weather records not climate records.



Solar does well and underwater kites…but we have been through this before so oh well then.


They tried doing this when Rudd was in power. Everyone freaked out. All plans got canned because everyone wanted to go backwards 20 years…


Melting ice ratio records, earth tipping on axis and it’s correlation to weather patterns/ tidal change records.


Ever blown smoke into a clear sphere?
The smoke takes up all the space in the sphere it doesn’t hang out in 1 area.
But where does the smoke go after a while?


Global warming is happening. Human civilisations on Earth have to change the way they do things but change is not going to happen until it is brutally forced on us. In the meantime we are at start of a mass extinction event, there is no return from extinction. Basically this planet is farked.


And get ready as it begins to happen all over Australia as they roll out the 5G network in Sydney.

I have been reading some of the data from the US on it since its evolvement. Some horrifying stuff
its affects and effects on the human species and not good on other animals either it seems.

So I guess we are screwed if we do and screwed if we don’t.


Evolution is the one you’re after. Are you saying 5g is bad for the environment? Keen to know more if so and happy to have it in this forum rather than waste what’s left of my 4g googling


It certainly does look good for the animal kingdom. I don’t want to put ideas into your head until you’ve read what you can find to read about it. There was a doco on t.v. on it a few weeks ago, quite informative and then I got onto the web and read everything I could find. It seems the waves are not good for human mental health and there will be no respite from it as it will operate 24/7.

Sensitive people (those who already can feel electricity running through the walls in their house. Please don’t laugh it is a real thing and it can be measured.) They will have major problems before others notice. Tests done in laboratories in the USA already show ALL animals reacted badly over time. Yet it has been decided it will go ahead regardless. It seems we cannot halt the march of progress until it halts itself.

We are the first humans ever to live with so many different forms of power, micro waves etc. so whether the science is good or bad those who want it, want it, the roll out will continue. The plan is to double the amount of towers in the USA in the next five years. I guess the brains trust here once they begin will do the same positive or negative we’re going to get it regardless.