Climate Change in Australia


Yeah, not laughing. We are a virus with legs, thanks Bill Hicks. That’s very unpleasant news


You now what causes massive health problems, with respiratory problems, headaches, early death, asthma etc.

Burning Petrol.

Health problems from petrol >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wind Farms.


Produce research that is world-best, innovative, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and highly relevant to coral reef management, adaptive governance and policy development.
Build human capacity and expertise in coral reef science worldwide.
Create a global hub for integrated coral reef research collaborations.
Exchange and transfer knowledge, technologies and research outcomes with end-users and partners.
Continuously evolve Centre governance and management to ensure it is co-operative, multi- institutional and communicative.
The ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies commenced operations in 2014 following the award of $28 million from the Australian Research Council to fund the Centre forJCU has no input into it** seven years. Headquartered at James Cook University, the ARC Centre’s additional nodes are The Australian National University (ANU), The University of Queensland (UQ) and The University of Western Australia (UWA).

JCU has no input into it
Headquartered at James Cook University

JCU has no input into it
Headquartered at James Cook University

JCU has no input into it
Headquartered at James Cook University

JCU has no input into it
Headquartered at James Cook University

Whoops, looks like someone doesn’t,t know what they are talking about.


All you’ve established is that they probably use the same cafeteria.


Yeah, you really don’t.

Do you know how many research orgs are based at but entirely independent of universities?

Obviously not.

Just when I thought you couldn’t out-moron yourself… :joy:


This is ■■■■■■■ hilarious


Pretty much every uni in the country has a research org sharing facilities


I know for a fact they all share the same cafeteria


So the problem with Australian intellectual life is that there are not enough independent cafeterias?


I think that’s is what sorfed is suggesting. If he is, it’s the closest thing to a valid point he’s ever made in this thread


I like how he has quoted GBRMPA and then referenced the CRC for Coral Reef Science.


I blame Starbucks…and Gloria Jean…and Donut King…




Eftbs, you mean.


The towers have been switched on since August.

I bet those “sensitive” people felt it.



Phhhfft, … Cotton and Rice growers profits are way more important than River flows and native fish dying out.

Bluddy Lefty ABC SJW’s, … :roll_eyes:


Saw that. It’s as sad as ■■■■, and when you look through the photos you see that there’s some big fish that have been killed, fish that have survived decades of weather/water extremes but couldn’t survive this.

It’s not very well known how much of a sheltered workshop inland river systems are these days, from an ecological point of view. Cod only spawn naturally when floods occur at the right time of year and with the right temperature of water, and due to irrigation and dams that basicallly doesn’t happen any more.

Damn near all the cod in the murray-darling system these days were spawned at Narrandera haatchery and instroduced into the river as fingerlings. It’s an ecosystem kept from collapse purely by artificial means, because people want to be able to catch fish occasionally. (And yes, I’m saying that as a fisherman)


… and quality of drinking water :grimacing:


Did I hear that the issue isn’t the drought but that the menindee lakes had been drained of 8 years of water when they were full last?