Climate Change in Australia


I can’t reiterate this enough, having lived in that region (Griffith, Murrumbidgee about 60ks from Narrandera) and speaking first hand to cotton and rice growers.

They had to switch from broad acre crops to save their farms. It’s the only profitable crop they can grow there now, Grains don’t yield like they used to because of climate change, and citrus has no profit due to importing.

This literally a case of one group of people’s survival over another’s as a direct result of climate change and bad/lack of government intervention.



Haven’t read much of this thread but did sound off like a know all a couple of years back.

I sat in a conference once and these two little old scientitians basically got up, showed a chart that started flat, got to industrialisation and the rise in emissions ran linear to rise in warming. Is linear the word when something lines up over a period of time? Whatever that word is anyway.

They said basically were fkd.

I’m going deeper underground. Like jamaroqui


If climate change claims one victim I hope it’s Jamiroqui, that little dancing turd


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Yes, but if you look at the first graph and disregard all the red lines it actually shows that there hasn’t been any substantive warming since the 1940s.

Ok now, Big Oil, where’s my cheque?



publish or perish…thats the motto


Sounds good. Not sure what you meant but sounds good.


Very interesting reading from an Astrophysist in 2015, so if you are into knowing more about the suns radiance & why solar variations occur & the associated impacts on global climate:


You read paragraphs like the below and think that guy is both sane and intelligent?

Quote -
As for the weakening of geomagnetic fields, for instance, our Sun is undulated by its stellar vortex of the Solar System, which is vortically impelled by its spheroidal unisonal vortex. I calculate planetary transits, gravity time dilation, frequency, electrical output and magnetic resonance in my astrometeorological work.


He’s an astrologist.
He blamed the alignment of planets for brawls in the Ukrain Parliment.
The guy is a nutter.


Doesn’t limit himself to climate change old Theo

The Cardinal Climax & What’s Really Happening:
‘The Brainwashing of American Society’

by Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.Sci

Political pundits and observers will note how the continued false media attacks on President Donald Trump have coalesced into a determined effort to shape the upcoming 2020 general election.

If you closely watch the mainstream news media along with the commercials and insertions into social media then you must have seen the rise of these news portals that has given birth to a slew of sly propaganda techniques of bullshit insertion.

The current baby boomer establishment has been drawing paychecks by manipulating opinion and shaping opinions into rampant globalist ideologies that have been long outdated and far outmoded.

Do you see all the commercials on air telling you how to live?

What to eat. How to sleep. How to live. How to work. How to party.

They play music and issue forth brainwashing words to tell you what to do.

They tell you that President Donald Trump is a ‘liar,’ and a ‘Russian agent,’ and is ‘no good.’

They claim that Russian elected the president and cannot seem to find anyone who voted for the president in the 2016 general election.

The cable news channels seem to use the very same words and terms at the same time as if on script each day and change their tunes simultaneously at the same time as well.

They play commercials in-between with images of regular human day-to-day life which they interrupt to show you how to life your life - their way.

They tell you what to think.

They even tell you what to believe.

Who are these people who somehow have all the answers for society to the point of telling everyone how to do everything and anything as if people haven’t figured that at for themselves long ago?

How about all those pharmaceutical companies with their commercials pitching you multiple pills that give you worse physical ailments than the ones these very medications claim to be able to cure and relieve?

How about all the dark dystopian films and television shows of the walking dead in a destroyed society interspersed with aged youth who have no vision for the future and who disdain traditional human values?

How about all the crime shows that show killers running around everywhere and how sexy all those law enforcement people can look while solving crimes in less than an hour?

How about the institutions of the schools being forced to teach homosexual ideology to elementary school children while at the same time telling these children that they are responsible for ‘climate change?’

They want to remove the American pledge of allegiance from the schools.

For what?

They even want to remove the term ‘Under God’ from the schools.

All of this - and more - has been designed by deep state sickos who obviously hate human beings and they must be fought against to save what remains of the natural law of Man and God.

The cardinal climax years of 2019 and 2020 will see the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto reveal just how much the Deep State globalists are freaking out that their dystopian plan is falling apart at the seams.

Censoring opposing views and/or reading/viewing material is common to globalist ideology by using their many agents in government media to insulate the public from any diverse and opposing points of view and to keep people marching in their ideological line - goose step-style.

Consider this,

"The mainstream news media have a ubiquitous presence in people’s lives; however, with only six mega conglomerates dominating the vast majority of the U.S. media landscape, we as a citizenry are subject to the messages and interests of the
controlling parties.

Considering the dense corporate control of the mainstream news media, which provide the public with information to make decisions in their lives, participate in politics, and have a clear, accurate view of the world it is important to study the issue of media consolidation because America is a land of
democracy in which everyone supposedly has a voice."

In a land where the majority rule, the majority is being ruled and dictated to by globalist corporations fixated on maximizing
profits for themselves and for their shareholders at the expense of everyone else.

The globalists have used their techniques to promote the lie-ideology of 'man-made global warming, aka ‘climate change,’ despite the fact that it is physically impossible to ever occur on Earth.

Increasingly, the news media has been urged to blame ‘climate change’ on everything so that the globalist term itself is inserted into the public’s consciousness to blame them for what they cannot do - and that is to change the planet’s climate.

The fact is that only the Sun changes the Earth’s climate, but don’t let the truth get in the way of outright lies funded by ideologues who tell you that one plus one equals 17 and that you had better believe it too.

Studies have long confirmed that the human brain is wired to get a quick high from reading things that agree with our point of view.

Those same studies proved that some people also get a rush from intentionally dismissing information that disagrees with their assertions - no matter how well supported it is.

So it is also a fact that the brains of some people rewards them for being close-minded ■■■■■■■■.

Brainwashing through commercials and cable news shows with a little prodding causes unthinking followers to happily close themselves off within the echo chamber of ideology - that is - until it becomes obvious that it was all nothing more than propaganda.

The mess of 24-hour cable news shows with multiple commentators pretending to be journalists has created parallel universes of ‘She versus He,’ and ‘Left versus Right’ media outlets - complete with their own publishing and online arms to push their ulterior motives into every corner of the human mind.

But all of it is total bullshit - from start to finish - from A to Z.

Meanwhile, those actually who do read multiple books, texts, reports and digest diverse sources of references and media are clearly open minded and can see straight through all the bullshit.

These are the people who joined the Populist movement and they will be the same people who will march into the 2020s very very upset about the decades of brainwashing and ulterior motives to undo society and force its decline into a dystopian toilet highlighted by the current cable shows of the ‘walking dead,’ funded by a baby boomer generation that is spiritually bankrupt and who fears death.

Back in 2013, I read a thesis by Frank McCoy who wrote a document titled,

‘The Propaganda Model: Corporate & Political Collusion in the Creation of an Oligopolistic Mainstream U.S. Media.’

The thesis is very well-sourced and nearly 6 years later stands on its own feet right now as it explains exactly how the baby boomer-run American corporate media conglomerate, in collusion with the government, formed an oligopolistic entity whose sole purpose is to manipulate the population into accepting undemocratic control over their lives.


"The more congested the media landscape becomes the greater risk of harm there is to the public interest.

As powerful corporations grow increasingly wealthier, powerful, influential, and politically affiliated the greater risk there is to the political economy on a global scale.

The risk inherent with affluent transcultural media corporations is the mass homogenization of content and, thus, propagandist reinforcement of corporate and political interests serving only the dominant elites and, in turn, harming and marginalizing non-elites.

One would be grossly remiss of the tangible danger and malign effects to the public to simply abridge the issue examined in this study as a case of the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer."


The most pernicious effect of all this is the fact that most people are totally unaware of the level of manipulation by the propaganda they continue to be subjected to on a daily basis.

“Without an awareness of the grave consequences involved with an increasingly concentrated media environment the public (i.e. non-elites) will continue to be systematically brainwashed by the propagandist arm of the government that is the mass media and will unknowingly acquiesce to the interests of the dominant elites.”

One of the most important concepts covered in the thesis is The Propaganda Model:

The theoretical foundation is based on the propaganda model which contends that mass media institutions are owned and controlled by large corporations who have relationships in business and social circles with other corporations and political officials.

These relationships result in self-censorship on the part of the media entities because they totally depend on advertising revenue and political support from their sponsors and cohorts.

It is argues that the media is unable to detach themselves analytically from the dominant sectors because of these economic, political, and social relationships.

Of course, what we’ve seen in this decade is the rising danger of generalized mind-control over the population taking hold to the point of calling a president a ‘liar,’ and ‘agent of Russia’ while rendering views that oppose this as totally passive all the while in the face of blatant corruption and increased oppression.

This ideological globalist corporatocracy is attempting to incentivize itself so it can institute an increasingly oppressive regime that could turn into dystopian surveillance police state - which is of course nothing more than fascism.

What to be done?

Well, as a Philadelphian, my version is always to FIGHT.

That’s because fascists do not like being hung and shot after being convicted of treason.

Philadelphians prefer that method because you cannot have a banquet with clean water and food on the table until all the roaches and rats have been totally eliminated with ammonia, with things made so clean that you could eat off the floor.

I prefer that method because it works.

Now, one of the things that is very important going into the 2020s is that more people have indeed become aware of the effects of all the propaganda - from the lies of man-made global warming to how President Trump really works for Russia because others cannot believe that some Americans actually voted for Trump in the 2016 election.

Consider this view from Hans Baumann about brainwashing techniques used in the 2016 presidential generational election:

"In her books Hillary Clinton tried to explain why she, against all expectations, lost the election against Donald Trump.

Reasons cited ranged from Russian interference to Republican meddling and bad publicity about her e-mails.

Yet she did not mention one important factor - the public opinion poll disaster.

All during the election campaign, the mass media bombarded the American voters with instruction of who was terrible and who was noble.

Donald Trump certainly fit in the first category while Hillary had nothing but praise.

After a while voters got the message: Voting for Trump was, to put it mildly, “politically incorrect,” or even a “shameful” thing.

As a result, when the opinion pollsters came around, a sizable number of voters pretended to vote “independent” or even for the Democratic ticket - instead of admitting their Trump preference.

When the results of these polls were published, there was no doubt that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election.

It thus happened that the same voters who were afraid to admit their choice did vote for Trump in the privacy of the voting booth - and Hillary Clinton lost.

It is a disgraceful thing by the mass media to publish innuendos, false facts, and unsubstantiated rumors with the sole purpose of destroying the reputation and character of a political candidate who is disliked by the ‘Deep State.’

In our modern way of substituting ‘debates’ for reporting of news, such misinformation gets further amplified.

It is remarkable that most of these negative stories are based either on “informed sources,” “it was reported,” or “foreign sources stated.” Never mind the label, as long it is anonymous.

Let this be a lesson for the 2020 election - not all “brainwashing” works."

Another reason not to fall for the globalists and their dystopian world that they have long been trying to force on everyone is to wake up to the fact that the planetary transits see the United States about to experience its first Pluto Return in 2022.

People are organized and resisting and pushing back against the dying baby boomer oligarchy who had better not forget that those who have been involved and remain alive in the next decade to come will not survive the fall-out to come in light of all the revelations of the massive levels of corruption, theft, greed, and high crimes and misdemeanors against the People.

The planetary transits of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto which will turn the page into the true 21st century by the end of solar year 2020 is about to open the gates toward taking action against their nefarious forces who already are well on their way - straight into perdition.


And here he is pedalling horoscopes

‘Personal Astrological Forecasts: 2019-2020’

by Theodore White, Astrolog.Sci

As solar year 2019 nears we will be one year from the start of a new decade of the 2020s.

Examining the transits of the new decade ahead, I have noticed that many planetary configurations indicate a new path in life for tens of millions of people.

This month only, I am offering limited reading specials that cost $125 for 2019-2020 personalized astrological report forecasts.

I offer these readings at this time of year to help those who want a short-to-medium 1-2 year look at their transits and progressions to be able to make decisions ahead of time.

As the decade of the 2020s approaches, many people are about to deal with new events and trends that will cause them to take a new direction in their lives. Some of them life changing.

The reports including embedded personalized charts that cover professional, personal and relationship matters; looking at the last year of this decade and the first year of the decade of the 2020s.

Included will be my estimation of the impact of the weather of global cooling on your life and what you can do to make preparations.

The personalized forecasts will analyze your natal transits and secondary progressions for 2019 and 2020 - both major years that indicate many lives are about to reach a crossroads into the new decade of the 2020s.

To order, email your birthdate, time of birth (if known) and place of birth to [email protected].


Don’t you people watch Hollywood movies? It’s always the lone wolf going against the grain and not ‘reading from the playbook’, raging against the scientific consensus, living in a trailer near a volcano and subsisting on Twinkies…he’s the one who sees the truth of it. But it’s all too late, Godzilla has launched a nuclear bomb with plague germs on it, and all your so called ‘scientists’ can do is mutter, slack jawed, “My god, he was right…”.

Only today he’s the one saying “Nope, nothing to see here”


I read a fair bit of that.
Maybe a quarter.

Entertaining and amusing at first, then a little bit scary and a little bit sad and upsetting.


So, did you bother to look at the Yale lecture series I linked to you above to educate yourself about climate science before you got back to trawling the frothingly insane far reaches of the internet for gibbering screeds blaming everything on solar variation? How did you even FIND this lunatic? And what made you think he was credible?

The more of this stuff you post, the harder it gets for me to believe you’re legitimately interested in learning, tbh.


He’s probably just a Gemini


Can’t be.
I’m a Gemini and none of us believe in astrology.


I’m surprised the two of you could come to the same conclusion