Climate Change in Australia


Did I read right or did Bomber1408 ask someone to remove their blinkers?


RHere we go insults again because someone tries to bring reason to some if the statements made here.

Remember the Why River fire from a couple years ago…you know the one that took out hundreds of houses in the Otways…burnt for weeks before hitting the town Wim…CFA couldn’t get to it…then nearly took out the whole town.

Just because people don’t toe the company line is no reason to call them names. Happy to discuss face to face key board warrior else change the threads name to something else


The article you posted literally made the comparison between historical fires and firefighting.
I think it’s interesting that you can’t see that.
Never mind that it’s something that’s really kind of obvious, they went out of their way to point it out.

And your response is, ‘firefighting doesn’t do anything.’

I think that’s worthy of an insult.
Because someone who actually believes that…I mean, I’d give you the benefit of the doubt and say you didn’t consider it, but you did.
And you doubled down on it.

You’re an idiot.




Blokes avatar is Wimmera

Insults said avatar “you must be from the city”

Great logic on display.


You win…bye


In the CFA and you think firefighters, and I quote, “don’t make a difference”.


Bet you’re in the police, and the united nations too.


You don’t know me, where I farking live or what I do smartarse. Until you do, you and Wim can go fark yourselves and stick your one sided views where the sun doesn’t shine.

For the record, I live in the actual bush, not in a town or city, but on a farm in the Otways, one of the worst, if not the worst places to get a bushfire…cheers


At least there’ll be no worries about climate change then.


Do firefighters make a difference there?

They certainly make a difference where I live.


The CFA make a difference when we can.

Conditions & location dictate that, not all fires can be put out by humans.


Today’s SMH and Age


It would be funny if not so sad.

This country has too many troglodyte climate septics (sic).


That is not only in extremely bad taste but is extremely insensitive.

Why don’t you go around the CFA and tell the volunteers there to “use more lube” to fight the bushfires

Fark you.

And “use more lube” to deal with your problems.

Guess the location (a new game)

Bush also meaning… never mind. It was in poor taste.
Sorry your place got burnt, frightening time of year.




All we have is CFA in the west of Melbourne starting at Melton and all Towns and Countryside.

100% volunteers in Bacchus Marsh, average response time from receiving call is 9 minutes. They are Supermen and Superwomen.


All because I dared to point out serious bushfires in Tasmania are not something new and have been occurring since the 1850s.

Let me add to that;,in all liklihood probably during el nino events.

Your Pathetic.




So now I’m a drunk…everyone that takes a position of non human climate change evilness is a liar, an imbecile, a drunk, a luddite, can’t spell so must be dumb etc etc.

Try reading your our words, so invested in your own self importance & opinions that you need to do the above to shut people down. The reason the majority of people don’t trust man made climate alarmists is because thats what you do…pathetic, elitist and self defeating.