Climate Change in Australia


bomber1408 who do you believe?

The consensus in the scientific community (a group known for their evidence driven approach) that climate change is happening and being driven by the actions of humankind.


A large group of fossil fuel energy companies and their lobbiests who have large amounts of money and future profit to protect who tell us that the scientists are all wrong.

It seems to me to be a pretty simple equation. What am I missing?


No, it was because you had a semi-colon followed by a comma, the word ‘liklihood’, ‘la nino’ (before the edit), and Your Pathetic.

Nothing wrong with a couple of bourbons though, and I can assure you I’m the last to throw stones in that regard.

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Is this true ?


BHP accepts the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment of climate change science, which has found that warming of the climate is unequivocal, the human influence is clear and physical impacts are unavoidable

Rio Tinto
There is overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is caused by human activity and poses a significant threat to our health, economy and environment.

I’ve read the internet and conclude that climate change is a hoax It’s also been hot before.


Where do you get the idea your part of a majority. A very large majority of people do believe climate change is real and want action.


How about you go and read the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment of climate change science instead of browsing YouTube.


anyone who ignores credible scientific evidence of an impending man made disaster is an imbecile… yes

And one other thing to think about - if you are right and climate change is some giant international conspiracy between scientists and governments then the worst outcome is what? The world transitions to renewable energy and we pollute less.

If you are wrong and the world warms to the predicted levels…

Which one would you bet on? Do you have kids? Grandkids? What if you just happen to be wrong? What sort of world would you be leaving for them?
Do you even care? Are you so sure of yourself to say that it’s not even a possibility?


Haven’t concluded anything


Seems pretty conclusive to me.

I am not pathetic, elitist or self defeating.
Im just putting more faith in the worlds best minds instead of a bunch of greedy people with money to lose and some conspiracy theorist crackpots.


That was kind of tedious.

I take issue with his initial broad point, which is that All (or even most) climate skeptics accept that,
a) climate change exists
b) CO2 is the (or at least the major) cause of climate change
c) man contributes significantly to the levels of CO2

His argument about consensus is that very few of the published papers on the subject fall into his very strict definition.
Which is dodgy, but mostly fine.
What is not fine is that he doesn’t mention how many published papers take the opposite view.
When we’re talking about real consensus, surely that matters?

In any case if you truly believe, as Monckton ‘appears’ to, that climate change is happening and CO2 is the cause but your sticking point is that you’re not quite sure if man’s involvement is the reason for All of it, or even the most significant part…
I’m sorry, but that’s irrelevant isn’t it?


In a word, no.

You’ll find that video was produced by the heartland institute, at university level when assessing data, an integral part of this process is something called ‘critical reading’ it’s where you look at the source of the information and then research the source to see if they have any vested interest in the results/findings or a conflict of interest.

I’ll save you some time there, the Heatland Institute is framed as a non profit org. But it’s not. It’s a tax deduction for the Koch foundation. It was started by David Koch himself.

If you don’t know who David Koch is, well, he’s a billionaire who owns several oil, petroleum and energy companies.

So yeah. He has a vested interest in proving fossil fuel burning still being ok.

If you don’t believe me.


I can see you’ve been taken to task already, and rightly so. My family is Tasmanian, rural, my sister had to evacuate and has only just gone back, and yes it is virtually impossible to stop some inaccessible burns, that’s a sad fact. You mention rain however, without mentioning that Tassie just had it’s driest and warmest January on record and has experienced steadily decreasing rainfall. I gather you’re a farmer, correct me if I’m wrong, and for whatever reason your commercial interests are damaged by the suggestion that we might need to do something about climate change. Do you vote National, the so called farmer’s party?


Look, just for the record, I only got so mightily grumpy at the suggestion that attempting to put fires out had no impact on the duration and/or severity of fires as compared to not doing that.
Of course I accept that not all fires can be completely extinguished or in some cases even controlled immediately even now, but the suggestion that watching fires burn (which was the…well, let’s be a smartarse and call it the necessary policy in the 19th century) is equally as effective offended me on a logical level.
And I overreacted and was quite rude, for which I apologise.


The suggestion that a modern fire fighting force has neglible impact was utterly ridiculous, as was the historical comparison. This stuff is happening, it’s real and much sooner than predicted, everybody should be ■■■■■■■ angry. And let those rich self serving ■■■■■ know at election time.

In the meantime, the opiate of the masses being in short supply, Blitz is turning on itself with claws and fangs.


Rude, you call that rude !!!

You can’t handle the rude


Watch out for those very sharp nails.


I assume @Bomber1408 is no longer in the CFA?


Profile name listed as “onsite IT”, so i’m going to say no.


If anyone deserves your skepticism it is the fossil industry lobbyists, not climate scientists.


My voting is private, but lets say I voted Labor for the 1st time ever in the Vic State elections. Born in Hobart, my dad fought many a serious fire in the 60s with tools that were not fit for purpose. Have been up close and personal to several bushfires myself, but nothing like what happened in Tassie & Victoria in the 60s…that was crazy stuff with people fighting with hessian bags and shovels and many fighters losing their lives.