Climate Change in Australia


Yeah I get that but the reality is it’s just noise from those who let’s be honest, won’t be around when the ■■■■ hits the fan. It’s such a non issue in the current climate (no pun intended)


Pfft, what would the Germans know about technology?



I was recently wondering about this, but assumed the environmental impact would be worse than coal.

Also, lol.

Rising demand for Australian oil

Mr Stanley said creating a power plant would complement the Kalannie eucalyptus oil business finally thriving after 30 years of development.

Creating a eucalyptus oil business in the Wheatbelt was the dream of his late father, Don, who saw a need to plant eucalyptus trees to abate a rising water table.

That is one clickbait subheading.


I have no idea about how viable these biomass systems are and whether they will be adopted, but it is indicative that individuals, communities and private investors are looking for alternatives to the “more coal!” mantra of the government.


It is yet another energy source saying, ‘nah, we don’t need subsidies.’


There are several plants running at sugar mills using crushed cane.


This one is really messing with the coal pushers who regularly declare that thousands of coalers are being built across the globe. Germany is also messing with the nuke pushers by closing them as well. Fantastic.


It’s interesting, because that clean coal ad has added Germany to Japan as countries importing coal from us.


Young Germans and for me that is anyone under 40, are the most strident environmentalist I know. I have been roundly abused at conferences for the Australian Government lack of action, and for the general apathy of most of us.

If any of you remember back in the early 1970s the state of German rivers and air, and the lack of trees, then you have to admit the changes have been remarkable. I remember flying into Frankfurt in 1971 and it was just a barren wasteland with few trees and not much of anything green. Totally different today.



Snappy dresser Bill.
He can afford anything on earth and he goes with that.


Bill Gates’ views on this in a little more context:


Those fkg lefties in big power companies and venture capital are divesting from coal.




That’s not coal, that’s a diamond.
SloMo is just getting in early.




And as the Prosperity Gospel says, “a tight ars.e is God’s blessing, and it will serve in so many ways, not least that when thou wilt put a lump of coal up it shall Ye vomit a diamond”


I have said it before and I will say it again.
If the observations do not match the climate models, change the data.

Climate Scientists, corruption personified.


Pretty sure HM has explained that to you dozens of times