Climate Change in Australia


Back to the old 97% lie are you?

A Chicago student and his professor send out 10,237 survey forms to scientific institutions, get just over 3,400 replies, whittle them down to 77 that they find acceptable using unknown criteria of which 75 agree with their opinion and bingo there is your 97%.

Just as dodgy as the rest of climate science figures.

You want to have a serious discussion let’s talk about the ACORN series data set.

If you have the guts.



Very interesting @sorfed, as the ACORN-SAT homogenised data sets show a warming trend. Not sure it helps your climate change denial position.


Should know better than to chime in here, but anyhow…

Sorfed… you seem to think climate change is one big conspiracy.

Any chance of some evidence proving this conspiracy? And I mean evidence commensurate with the size of the conspiracy i.e. data showing conclusively how every world government, scientific agency etc. is in cohort to lie?

You really can’t just sit and say ‘climate figures are dodgy’. You have a position where you support said conspiracy - where’s your evidence proving this?


Don’t even bother. Seriously.

They don’t need proof, they just know.


I didn’t even have to edit.:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:



Yup, got sucked in


Well local coal is now about to become incredibly cheap, with China putting in a ban on Aussie coal


its 1 port lol

and it has nothing to do with climate…its a direct result of china /usa the 5g situation and it isnt the first time that its happened.

record importation into china for coal 89 million ton so i wouldnt call it the end

but then again it may not be happening at all


Interestingly the ACORN-SAT data set was touted as the most accurate temperature set of all time.
Following investigation of the methods and accuracy an audit was ordered by the government. Shortly before the audit was to take place the BOM released another version, ACORN2 which conveniently negated the audit for ACORN-SAT and was claimed to be even more accurate.

Following the release of ACORN2 numerous errors were found including over 1,000 minimum temperatures that were higher than the maximum.
Great example of the kind of bastardry that goes on at the BOM.
ACORN2 also had Albany as the highest temperature ever recorded in Australia at 51.2C.
Ever been to Albany? Coastal town on the Southern Ocean.

ACORN2 lasted about 18 months before it was replaced with ACORN3.
Strangely after all the hysterical laughter that followed the Albany temperature it was downgraded to 49.3C (raw temperature 44.5C)

Another strange thing about all three data sets was that the older temperatures got progressively colder thus increasing the warming trend.

Lairs, shonks, con men and totally corrupt organisation and so called scientists with no morals.


Hey, leave me out of your flimsy arguments.


Just one big conspiracy huh.

Think you and Doc should review your medications.


Leaving aside it’s just one of numerous agencies worldwide, and that certain people don’t like reading stuff that doesn’t quite jibe with their strong biases, this is a worthwhile read, got science ‘n’ that in it. Also if you don’t trust the ‘homogenised’ data you are very free to access all of the data recorded prior to the process. Also satellites. Fark Carlton. Fark AFLX. Future’s Farked.

“Both the raw and adjusted ACORN-SAT data and the larger unadjusted national data set all indicate that Australian air temperatures have warmed over the last century. This finding is consistent with observed warming in the oceans surrounding Australia. These findings are also consistent with those of other leading international meteorological authorities, such as NOAA and NASA in the United States and the UK MetOffice.”

Full article


All you needed to read was “formerly employed at the IPA”.


This is just farking stupid.


So why do ACORN-SAT, ACORN2 and ACORN3 all disagree with each other?


Why don’t you ask the BoM?
I’m sure they’ll tell you.

Here’s a question for you.
You’ve obviously looked into this deeply. Why do you leave out facts that go against your argument?
Why do you leave out the very relevant 61 year experiment that explains some of the things you’re talking about?


You see what you did there?


Well, I dunno.
Is it all just copypasta?
Surely not.
I mean, as hilarious as that ice cream truck thing was…, surely not.


He doesn’t look into anything deeply, and any thing he does is being processed by a nincompoop.


Well if they were the same you wouldn’t need 3 of them would you.