Climate Change in Australia


A very good reference site that discusses the merit of all things climate change and the solar influence thereon for those interested:


name of website


Ah, yes, Pierre Gosselin’s blog.

Y’know, the bloke with a mechanical engineering degree and no climate science, atmospheric science, or oceanography qualifications whatsoever.

I’ve asked this before and you’ve managed to every single time weasel out of giving an answer: how do you find these people, if they’re so smart and well-informed why are they always writing stuff in crackpot blogs rather than real scientific journals, and what on earth makes you believe they’re remotely credible or even vaguely qualified in this subject?


I’m going to give you a gift. It’s the key. If you are serious about finding out what is happening with this topic

And before you start on any paper about climate, or solar activity, first look up ‘critical reading’.


I’ve linked him three fkg times to the entire Yale climate science course free online, and he is still searching for enlightenment in random blogs by cranks.

He isn’t remotely interested in learning.


So tell me, why are you giving him oxygen?





Last week on 7.30, they covered the celebrations of the townspeople of Gloucester in NSW, after a judge decided that a coalmine couldn’t go ahead in prime agricultural land because of climate change concerns.

The coal lobbyist, or at least someone who’d stood to profit from the mine, said that “btch, btch, whine, whine, look at them, agriculture leads to climate change too”. After all, all those cows unpacking their lunch.

And sundry LNP ministers ■■■■■■■■ about Glencore cutting back on coal mining for the same reasons.


Can you summarise? JB just gives me the irrits




Maybe just some association thing I have, don’t know really.

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The LNP is finally taking action on climate change! Big announcement leading into an election! Finally!

Umm, wait… “The Climate Solutions Fund is an extension of former prime minister Tony Abbott’s Emissions Reduction Fund. The 10-year program will provide funding for farmers, businesses and local governments for projects such as revegetating land, reducing bushfire risk and replacing lighting and refrigeration systems.”

Nope. They’re doing fark all.


200 million a year.

Not good enough.


It’s easy to be cynical, but how much of that will be subsidies to top 100 companies?


You don’t pay people for doing the right thing. You penalise them if they don’t.


You reckon they actually sat down and considered “what is the best way we can actually take legitimate action to address climate change?”, or do you think they opted for “How can we do something about this climate change stuff that we can announce before the election, that doesn’t entail us actually addressing the core issues, and allows us to press ahead with more coal-fired plants?”

$200 million a year for a decade is great. It would be better if they actually spent on stuff other than the around-the-fringes-so-it-won’t step-on-our-rusted-on-climat-change-deniers-and-mining-interest-donors.

Still, won’t be a problem if they get turfed the fark out anyway.


Maybe now they can upgrade from a shack in who-knows-where in SA to a luxurious beach house in Torquay.

EU announces €2trillion climate change funding and we offer a measly $2billion, which will likely just be a green washed handout to the biggest usually LNP donors and buddies.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the Libs to get serious on Climate Change or even greenifying the economy. Having said that, if we all collectively hold our breaths we will be doing more to combat climate change than this government ever will.



$2billion a year would be great.

We are spending $60 billion on new submarines.