Climate Change in Australia


If that peak is going to happen it’s not far away. We reckon anywhere between 2021 and 2026 and there could be a significant crash in the whale numbers after that.

Only 7 years left, it’s worse than we thought.

Better call the Japanese and get them on the job.


Captain Velcro, back at it again.

What part of that don’t you understand?

1960- Humpback Whale population in trouble.
2019- Conservation efforts have recovered the humpback whale population. Now we need to ensure that the ecosystem can maintain the population.

Do you find it hard to concentrate with that constant whistling between your ears?


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Isn’t that bats?


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Stop being a git.



RBA makes a statement about the risk of climate change to our economy. Trevor St Barker immediately panics about coal. But, I thought they weren’t related. Whoops.


What is this strange phenomenon called a sorfed.
Is it animal, vegetable or mineral?
Is it sentient or non-sentient?
Is it viral, bacterial or just an unwelcome parasite?
Is it pronounced sore-fed or sawf’d?
Might it soon become extinct?


It’s a direct descendant of the ■■■■■■■.

The ■■■■■■■ has the ability to move into new habitats and disrupt local ecosystems with it’s inability to think critically. It likes to live in straw men arguments.



You cannot be farkkin serious - the IPA!?!


Damn now the BOM are in on conspiracy too. This is deep state stuff.





The IPA has heavily relied on funding from a small number of conservative corporations. Those funders disclosed by the IPA to journalists and media organisations include:


Global warming.

Global. Not ‘Rutherglen warming’ or ‘south-eastern Australia warming’

You don’t get to disprove decades of science and observation and some of the basic principles of physics with an article from a coal-funded extremist lobby group using cherry-picked local data to peddle conspiracy theories about the BoM.

Start arguing that

  • global average temperatures are not rising at a rate unprecedented in geological time
  • humans are not increasing the CO2 content of the atmosphere at a rate unprecedented in geological time
  • or that a hundred years of physics is wrong and CO2 (and methane, suphur dioxide etc) are not greenhouse gases and do not increase atmospheric heat

Until you do any of these three, you’re not addressing the real issue, and you’re spinning propaganda.

All this has been explained to you many times, and you have ignored it.


And yet people keep responding to it.

As long as they do, … he will continue.


The power of confirmation bias…


Love that one, also love this


Yeah, I know, I know :confused: