Climate Change in Australia


All evil bastards


Article by Jennifer Marohasy, feel free to dispute any of her claims and include any denials by staff or supporters of the BOM or anthropogenic climate change but back it up with facts.
(I would include global warming supporters but they died off 16 years ago)




RBA too.



My daughter will be missing half of school tomorrow…


Apparently 50k marched in Melbourne.
Reckon the Lib-Nats are at risk of losing a generation of voters.


I was one of them. Went in my lunch break. Majority of the marchers were teenagers. Didn’t seem like 50k to me, though I didn’t really get a great view.

And I’m always skeptical of the ‘lose a generation of voters’ thing. People forget or develop other priorities. Hell, I remember when 700k marched against the Iraq War. Howard ignored them, and won the next election.


More like ‘another’ generation, they’ve already lost most of gen X and virtually all of gen Y.

They’ll claw some votes as kids age, start earning money and amassing wealth, but they’ll never win the under 40 age bracket again.


But that is because the Tories never worry about morals and conscience because they always resort to their stock-in-trade: hypocrisy.


Meanwhile, in the West, the McGowan backflip on carbon emissions…


What about SCUMO’s backflip on no Taxpayer funds backing up or being invested in new Coal mines?

Does he remember holding up and shaking that black lump in Parliament?

Does he think he can just trot out his dribble and every one will just forget that happened?

Scamming turd of a bloke.




Frank Jotzo, climate change economist, now with ANU, formerly ABARE, is ripping apart the latest analysis by Brian Fisher, former ABARE chief, who took funding from the coal industry at that time.
I have the greatest respect for Jotzo’s integrity, arising from my dealings with him when he was at ABARE.


What do you think of Fisher, then?


Wow, she’s a keeper. As in, “Please Libs, keep her”. Might be mistaken but aren’t they losing their small ‘l’ nimby types in droves over just such an issue? And her views on feminism say to me this is one deep thinker who isn’t afraid to sidle up to the apple cart, maybe even touch it a bit.


He was able, but risked ABARE independence and standing by following the public private partnership model, which is not always appropriate for research organisations. When he was in ABARE, he was subject to the constraints of the mandate accorded to ABARE , but now as a consultant he gives the appearance of delivering analyses tailored to the interests of his funding sources. There are question marks over his peer reviewers. Not all ex ABARE consultants have gone down that path.


The figures tell the actual story. Around 15GW of renewables already in the grid. Another 35GW under construction or DA approved. Thirty freaking five. That’s already enough to get near 50% nationally. A further 15 applied for. The concept stuff will change. A lot of the wind from that set of data will never happen once solar starts undercutting it in price significantly. Anyway, long story short you wouldn’t want to be Trevor St Barker because the industry is in full pivot as we speak.


Of course, not all these projects will be built at the scale envisaged. There may be local issues, connection hurdles, financing challenges and market headwinds. But if they were, they would deliver enough megawatt-hours to deliver Australia’s current demand.

But if they were,


Yep, that is right. The exciting thing about though, is that this is only what has been thought of as of now. When things like solar thermal start becoming competitive that really is end game. That ■■■■ will give wind farms and hydro headaches.