Climate Change in Australia


Important story for anyone considering Solar about Rip Off Solar Companies coming up on 7.30 tonight.

Heard a fair bit about such barstards recently. There was a few mobs that basically raided the towns of Northern Vic and bailed. One of the reasons a high %age of people up there now hate on the Greens in a weird turn.

It was rogue capitalist prickz that did the ripping off, but somehow environmetalists got the blame.


It’s going to happen. It’s up to people to put in the research.


It’s the story of the batts scheme all over again.

Rogue bottom-feeder capitalists ripping people off and others get the blame.

Bottom feeders just like those “education” companies.

Hmmm, I wonder if Vlad is also involved with this scam?


On the far south coast of NSW, by now the water is usually getting cold, its not, its still warm.
And three years ago we had a Dugong in the Lake. A hell of a long way from home it followed the warm current down south. It had to be flown back to the upper Q coast.

The so called experts, cannot tell the community here, the climate is not changing.


The actual experts are


Pretty sure everyone agrees, the climate is changing


You’re not though, are you?


Yeah, he knows the climate is changing, he just thinks it’s because of the sun


even though the sun hasn’t changed at all…


Climate been changing for millions of years. So yes climate is currently changing no arguments there on that info.

sun is currently displaying very few sun spots, so somethings different up there.

Extended lack of sun spots can lead to very cold climates, thats historical, no models needed there, simply based on facts.

Whats the issue?


Stephanie Kelton, an economist I follow closely (one of the champions of MMT) outlines how a sovereign nation with its own currency can pay for the investment required to transition to renewables as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, even the Greens in this country are seemingly “centrist” (i.e. looking for incremental solutions) to an existential problem. I really wish we could have some proper leadership to tackle this honestly and openly.


You are 100% right CC is the norm. But not at this rate of change. And luckily, in this case, humans can control the cause (if the will is there).

The issue is the fossil fuel industry actively corrupting politicians through massive donations and seeding public doubt through deliberate misinformation.

If anyone deserves your scepticism it industry, politicians & the media.


I was attacked and derided on this page for saying Peter Ridd was sacked by JCU for not toeing the politically correct line of thinking.

Here are the results of his wrongful dismissal care and it goes right to the core of the Lefts main weapon.

Shove this up your Jacksey.


I don’t wish to be involved in this thread, as I believe there is too much personal invective. I would like to touch on the unfair dismissal case, as I was involved in stacks of them in a former life (almost two decades ago).

Amateur hour stuff from Murdoch QC and Clayton Utz. Why did they conclude that the Code of Conduct was part of the EA? And why did they conclude that it would take precedence over cl. 14 of the EA? Judge Vasta answered these questions in his concluding remarks, however, it seems ridiculous that counsel would form the view that the COC held greater weight than a specified clause in an EA, especially given the fact that the COC wasn’t even part of the EA (only that its existence is mentioned).

He was sacked because JCU believed he had repeatedly breached their COC. And as Judge Vasta stated, the case wasn’t about ‘silencing persons with controversial or unpopular views’. From a legal point of view, the case was about him being sacked for conduct that was protected by cl. 14 of his EA.

That’s all I wish to say on the matter.


Firstly, you get attacked because you’re a douche, who is way out of his league in this discussion and is completely oblivious to your own ineptitude, and from the outset you have shown an utter lack of respect for people who’s lives it is to know about this stuff.

You’re a typical right wing ■■■ who lets their political leaning over-ride logic and any semblance of critical understanding.

You’re also a typical right wing nutter who thinks climate change is a an issue that has a political bias instantly underlining your lack of credibility.

but his unfair dismissal isnt about his views, it was about his conduct.

edit: johns covered it


Used to be Global Warming, didn’t panic the population enough, so, AGW, CAGW. Climate Disruption and so on.

In the 70’s we had Erlich predicting the end of civilisation.

In the late 80’s we had until the turn of the century to save the world, by 1990 all the sea ice would have melted and again with Goreby 2014.

Remember the disappearing glaciers?

Islands disappearing under rising sea levels, well they found one that was made of sand and was 2 metres above sea level.
The president of the Mauritius Islands all garbed out in SCUBA gear signing some crap document to stop rising sea levels by cutting back on CO2 then going on to build 14 international airports to fly in tourists from around the world.

Remember the predictions that the streets of NYC would be flooded and you couldn’t drive past the UN building? How is that one working out?

Or the leftwing morons who try to paddle across the Arctic or the scientists from Sydney University who along with similar leftwing morons on the Ship of Fools got stuck in nonexistent ice in the Antarctic and had to be rescued by 3, count them THREE icebreakers.
I would have let the stupid bastards drown.

The IPPC has released over 100 climate models that have rehashed over and over, corrupted dats inserted and the still can’t get one right
Mother Nature is a ■■■■■ that won’t comply with the grant seeking spongers got any complaints go to her.

Of course there is climate change, all of the so-called deniers say there is and did so before the global warmists realised that the pause had settled and the temperature variation had happened to a greater extent during the Medival Warming, the Roman Warming Period, and the Egyptian Warming Period.

I defy you to name one period in the last 4,500,000,000 years when the climate hasn’t changed.

Then you supporters like our soon to be PM who thinks you can recharge a car battery in 8 to 10 minutes, Nissan quote the recharge time as 4 hours and 25 minutes.
BS by name, BS by nature.
The Jaguar i Pace recharges at 35km/hour but has a 500 km range.
Leave work at 5:00pm to drive to Sydney, stop off at Tarcutta At 9:30 book into a motel with recharging facilities go for a leisurely dinner, get a a good nights sleep before you head off to Sydney at noon all this providing you can get a charging port.

BS said he would have recharging stations all along the highway, he Hume carries 60,000 vehicles a day at least one third will be trucks, how many stations for that lot?

40,000 cars a day each requiring a minimum of 4 hours, imagine the wait after pulling in for a recharge and finding 4 vehicle in front of you and that doesn’t take into consideration peak times like Christmas and Easter.
My best estimate is 12,000 recharging stations for the Hume then there are all the other highways in the country

Then there is the problem of fuel, BS has already stated he wants 45% renewables, we already have supply problems, what is it going to be like at night when there is no solar and virtually no wind, e.g. earlier this week Victorian Wind was 43Mw.
Another problem is that most people will plug in when they get home, should be interesting and we can’t really improve on the situation because BS complains about the rising cost of electricity due to the rapacious electricity companies GOLDPLATING the system, something I might add was instituted by Julia Gillard.
Follows a familiar Labor pattern doesn’t it, brain fart required to win an election, complete and utter disaster followed 5 years later, complete denial.

Who gets priority over the electricity generated by 55% coal, 1% hydro and if you are luck 10% wind.
Public transport, hospitals, street lighting, traffic lights, domestic use, industry? Take your pick

I suppose on the domestic front we could light our houses with candles although the emit CO2 as do kerosene heaters and stoves, we could do what millions of Africans do and cook over cattle dung, whoops, silly me, the Greens won’t wear it, cattle produce methane




Global warming. Its ■■■■■■ freezing up here, what about global cooling?