Climate Change in Australia


You should, its hilarious, particularly if you’re like me and find people who are smug about their own stupidity especially amusing.

I reckon sorfed could be convinced he crapped fairy floss if it was right wing ideology, he’s that munted.


Sorfed is the sort of guy who walked into a public shower and accidentally started brushing his teeth with haemorrhoid cream instead of tooth paste, and instead of going
“OHHHHH, damn, my bad” proceed to tell everyone in the room how brushing with it reduces the risk of mouth ulcers.


Lot of loud noise on this forum. Tis a great read.

However id suggest we get rid of night football, the power usage is a disgrace and we need to better protect the environment.


If want to charge a car you need 3 phase in your house $2000 to $3000 to get it installed.

multilpe cars being charged at night multiple 3 phase connections.

my mate is currently working on a solar farm 40000 panels may power 20000 to 25000 if the sun shines in his words …his wgae is outragous but as he said if there paying that amount ill take it lol

Cheap free energy i dont think so!


I’ve had my solar panels for 12 months now, and I’ve saved $1103 off my annual bill.

Not unhappy about that.

My average monthly bill is a king’s ransom of $38.


true not disputing that you do but the cost of electricity for business t is not getting cheaper and for those with no access to home solar what do they do? approx 80% of people with out?

i have a question for you in regards to the power you put back into the grid for rebate.

Who do you sell it to you and where do they how who its on sold to?


I can’t do anything about people who can’t use solar panels.

But…that second question…oh man. I think I can interpret it…No offence but that was some magnificent amount of typos.

I get my feed in tariffs back from Powercor, and how that’s distributed to others in differentiated amounts is not up to me nor is possible to detect. It goes back to the “pool” of power on the grid. It’s profit for Powercor I suppose.

I’m looking at ways to feed that power to neighbours. schemes exist for selling solar generated energy, so it’ll be cheaper for them and I’ll get more for the feed in amount.



so powercor are making a huge profit from something they buy for peanuts so to speak.

there should be a network for people with solar to buy solar off other home users to t top up thats something that needs to be addressed otherwise its free profit for power cor!


Peer to peer electricity trading between neighbours does exist.


These are pretty shallow arguments tbh.

Firstly the car. Spending 2.5k on 3 phase is a small price to pay when you look at the average running costs of owning a petroleum car. Plus it’s a one off. ABS shows that the relative cost in power to charge an electric car is $3.25 per 100kms vs $13.60 on a petrol car. So after 25,000 kms the 3-phase has paid for itself.

As for the solar panels, that’s 2 per household. That’s great.


That is not exactly correct.

Most Electric Vehicle charging stations run on a 15 A single phase 240VAC outlet.

3-phase gives you quicker charging.


And this children is how the self-righteous do it.

Left-wing climate activists - you can’t beat them


And what did you want her to do? Walk 5400 miles?


Sorry to interrupt Benfti but did miss the connection between charging at NIGHT and SOLAR?

Also the word IF.


Could try train, sailing, train and or bus, you know, like they did in the old days.
Good enough for my great-grandparents good enough for some posturing up herself climate fanatic who wants the rest of the world to live a lifestyle she would never adopt for herself her filthy rich mates.

Celebrities and climate fanatics, no sense of self awareness.


How does it feel to not only be a douche bag, … but a fkn ignorant boring douche bag at that.

You do realise the plane will fly whether she is on it or not, right Brainiac?



I love how you douches pretend batteries don’t exist.

Captain Velcro back at it again.


And literally no one has ever said anywhere in the history of everything that you can charge solar batteries at night.

(except anti - renewables douches…some how trying to misrepresent an argument that doesn’t even exist).


We don’t have to worry about climate change cos Scomo talks to God at his Hillsong Church and apparently Jesus is coming back soon to save us all and defeat the devil who is really a fallen angel cast out of heaven who has infected humanity. Actually, he believes Jesus is not going to save all of us, only those who believe and donate money to Scomo’s church, and can talk in tongues. Jesus is gonna slay everyone else as well as the devil.

Don’t laugh it is actually what he believes.
FMD. It is straight out of Waco.
Anyone who votes for this fraudster is delusional or deep down really hates Australia.


I’m not laughing at anything that’s going on with the Pentecostals. The Rapture they’re counting on is one they’re quite determinedly helping to happen. “If Gawd recognises my hard work on behalf of my filthy corrupt shell company overlords, I will shower my daughters with new Volkswagens as the acid rain blisters the cursed earth”