Climate Change in Australia


And I suppose the thermometers in your home have been tampered with by greenies with an agenda too.


The affable, curious simpleton who’s ‘just asking questions to broaden the conversation’ is just another troll technique which opens the gates to link bombing and a gradual increase in ire and protest as the little troll chode gets firmer. That’s the profile, dude fits it.


Maybe he and all other head-in-the-sandists can start their own Climate Change Denialism thread so that can shout at each other in their own echo chamber and leave this thread for REAL information.



That’d be hilarious watching a bunch of ideologues all bringing different, contradictory fallacious explanations as to what is “really going on” and all patting each other on the back in a job well done in slaying the climate change beast.


Nah, they’ve got mercury in them, so it’s probably the pro vaxers


You guys crack me up





Back on topic, David Attenboroughs new series on Netflix, Our Planet, is utterly heart breaking. The scene with the Walrus falling off the cliff kept me up for several hours that night.

The whole series shows the very real impact a changing climate is having on the animal kingdom.


We will wake up one day when there’s nothing left to cull, chop down or destroy except ourselves.


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How does it feel to not only be a douche bag, … but a fkn ignorant boring douche bag at that.

You do realise the plane will fly whether she is on it or not, right Brainiac?


University of Chicago





he’s not a troll, he is legitimately stupid.



And this one from JonKudelka.


a very interesting read


Uh huh, sure.



What makes it interesting?


The fact we are about .5 degree cooler now on Avg. than when the Roman empire was doing its thing. In fact its much cooler now than it has been for most of the last 10k years.

I just find that interesting HG from a putting AGC into context sort of thing.