Climate Change in Australia

Local government is responsible for street lighting on local non arterial roads in Vic, with VicRoads and local government sharing costs on the arterials. Most local governments have or are in the process of replacing their standard 80W mercury vapour lights however it is really a big rort caused by our mate the Hawthorn President.

Long story short when the SEC was sold off all street lights (most paid for by councils) was gifted to the private companies who continued to charge energy costs and a fee to maintain and replace the street lights on a regular basis, with the whole light to be replaced every 24 years. Despite councils paying for this not many lights were replaced I know of some that were well over 30 years old ( you can read the date on the 80W MV lights from the ground).

Most councils had to pay hundreds of thousands to the private companies in written down costs to buy the old lights to throw away or recycle and then gift them new LEDs (only the ones that are approved by the private companies for their networks) and continue to pay for maintenance etc. The only benefit was a reduced energy bill which initially cost less but surprisingly in about two years is back to where it was. I think the energy companies call that a win win for them. Reduce their own costs and still make the same amount of money.

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I would rather charge it at home.
But yeh more electric cars, means more people would be likely to get panels, as it means essentially free charging, and could go for lots of drives in the summer.

Both of those things. If I don’t look it will disappear.

I’m tipping it’s whoever is paying the power bills. :smirk:

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And yet Anastasia, the farken turncoat , goes against her so called beliefs in lieu of losing the next election. Labor & Liberal, they are all the same - Albo will give Adani his seal of approval next.

I’ve never met a businessman yet that likes losing money, so watch this space - it’s the only hope we have of slowing down this environmental disaster

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Adani is just doing this so he can rip off both the Queensland and Federal governments. He doesn’t have a good name, unlike that Indian guy who’s doing stuff in South Oz. Whyalla, is it?

Mmmm, think we are in an el Nino event right now C64

Impossible standard of proof? the eco-loons come out and say 1,000,000 species are going to become extinct.
Your side made the idiotic statement and you can’t name ten but expect proof from me.

I will give a starter on the extinction question.

1: Brown rat living on a sand bar in the Torres Strait.
The rest is up to you.

The Green Gravy Train rolls on, $320,000 gets paid by the Queensland Labor government to an American worth $200,000,000 for a lecture on climate change.

Gish galloping again. Any comments to make on the disastrously wrong predictions of your fellow climate genocide denialists, or are you just pretending that never happened?

  1. Spectacled flying fox
  2. Polar bear
  3. Staghorn coral
  4. Koala
  5. Atlantic Cod
  6. Adelie Penguin
  7. Loggerhead turtle
  8. Ringed Seal
  9. Arctic fox

@benfti we are doomed with morons like this


It must be very hard to cram so many incorrect statements in less than 20 words.


the king of crank websites posts a link to a crank website, colour me surprised.’ is a one-person blog by a climate genocide denier, who is a scientist of sorts but who has never written a single peer-reviewed article about polar bears.


To deny that the climate has changed, even since say the early 70’s is foolhardy. Obviously different.

To question it’s entirely anthropogenically driven based on available data and science (yes, science) is fair and reasonable.

To change deniers into supporters, acknowledge “climate change” includes a subset “Anthropogenic Climate Change”.

Metrics like CO2 ppm isn’t the solution. If it has all changed since the industrial revolution have the balls to use climactic measurands and change.

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We know we’re creating CO2.
We know CO2 is a warming agent.
We know we can do something about that.
We know the rate at which warming has occurred is frightening, and that it has occurred during the time we created a lot more CO2.

Now if you have anything like a theory that overwhelmingly anthropologically usurps that, then please share.


Fair call.

  1. Josh Deluca to Carlton

Cross threaded??

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IIRC it was likely but never confirmed, and has not fully developed.

Edit: Yep. Never developed

ENSO Outlook decreased to El Niño WATCH; positive IOD possible

Indicators have been close to El Niño thresholds over the past several months, but signs have emerged of a weakening of these patterns. As a result, the Bureau’s ENSO Outlook has been downgraded to El Niño WATCH. This means the chance of El Niño developing in 2019 is approximately 50%, which is still double the normal likelihood.

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