Climate Change in Australia


By that logic, which station do they pick for Australia's average?

It's obviously not the result of one weather station's results.


I picked a snippet of an interview. Link above is the full release. If you want the more data send an email to the BOM.


They do it with guess work and ignoring histoical data


Are some of you too thick to understand that the dispute is not whether climate change is real or not but whether it is as disastrous as what people think.

I mean, my opinion has only been repeated about 100 times on here but still it just does not sink in.


That's where you switch to the ol' "it has always changed/it's not us" routine.

Then keep rolling with "it's not that bad"

"We don't make enough CO2 to make a difference"

"CO2 doesn't do anything anyway"

"We should wait until it's really bad before we know if it's going to be really bad."

Then, keep telling yourself all of these opinions dovetail together nicely.


To sum up my opinion on the matter.

Its not that bad and any solution as it stands causes more harm than good.

But if you want to stress yourself out by worrying that we will all be dead in 30 years then be my guest.


Can I ask how you came to this answer and what you basing your opinion on?

Have you checked the sources you base your opinions on? Is there any bias there?

What would it take to change your opinion if we can't base it on future projections?

Do you take note of anything, anyone says here?


Na it's just his vibe.


I prefer opinions that are informed.
But yes, we do tend to lump you & ww into a single entity. So to be more precise:

  • e12 and ww: Its all a massive global conspiracy between leftist academics and scientists, therefore decades of research and findings on the cause and impact of CC can't be trusted.
  • ww: Climate change is a natural phenomenon (duh), therefore warming isn't impacted by human activity, specifically burning of fossil fuels.


I've answered that for you several 100 times, that question actually has a geographically fluent answer, in some parts of the world it's much worse and others only minor


And it probably doesn't sink in because you never link any data to support your view


I'm also now of the view that WW is actually a green bearded marmoset. I don't have any data to support this claim and it is on him to prove me otherwise.

But I will probably ignore what ever he has to say anyway.


Simply basing my opinion on personal observations and the almost comical wrongful predictions that have come from the climate change industry over the past twenty years. None of their doomsday scenarios have come even close to being true. Given that, you would have to be a lemming to keep blindly following them.

As for solutions causing more harm than good, the example stares at your face every month or so.
Its called South Australia.

I get that a lot of you are kids and have been indoctrinated by the various education departments over the past decade or so. I also get that to question Green-Left group think is unheard of for people under the age of thirty.

That most of you have to resort to abuse to get your point across shows that beneath your preachy slogans lies an empty shell.

Honestly, if I kept following someone like Flannerfool or Gore despite them getting almost everything hopelessly wrong, then I would feel a bit dirty about myself.


Thanks for that BOM release I have downloaded it and when I have time I will go through it more thoroughly, just a quick glance at one of the first stations mentioned, Moree raised a few questions, originally, from1907 to 1965 the weather station was situated at the Post Office about 50 metres from the tree lined banks of the Mehi River when it was relocated to a paddock 300metres from the end and directly under the runway. of Mooree Airport.
Interesting placement.

Almost deserves an entry in Surface Stations.


So did you miss the news about record ice melt at both poles and consistently increasing global temps over the last few years?



See above.


You seem to be quite obsessed with this kind of thing. In all seriousness if you are that interested in the data and how it works then contact the BOM and they'll give you that sort of information. I would be absolutely amazed if this hasn't at all come into consideration. Things like how we can more acuarately measure pressure, temperature, humidity etc over time would have also come into account. There would be margin for error built in.

I can see where you are going with this but without writing my own conclusion to all this is perhaps a bit too much for a joe bloggs to explain.


So hunches, a couple of premature specific predictions and an energy grid that is getting screwed by market conditions, huh? Mmm, cool story.


It's all a bit scientificky, really.