Climate Change in Australia


I want to know what i've done wrong.


You're in the news page.


I think you might have persisted politely presenting a shitload of those pesky fact thingy's, .. therefore, .you're now on the extreme left .. oh, . & also an abusive fkn Looney!!


Telling you that you are stupid is not abuse.

Many of those you aggravate, are centrist in their views. Discussion on climate change is not really a political topic, it is a reality that most accept In some part. There is far too much evidence to deny the human effect on our environment and as a long standing Labor member I am very happy for us to take it to an election.

You may see other issues as more important; employment, wages, education, health, etc, etc, but if the oceans rise, our skies and rivers continued to be at risk and extreme weather disrupts our economies then the rest are just minor.

Many of us disagree over degrees of environmental damage, but you and that other bloke just want to act contrary to everyone.

Telling you that you are stupid is just calling a spade a spade.


And you know the best way to confuse a stupid don't you?

Put two spades in front of him & tell him to take his pick! ....:no_mouth:


It's getting to be that a guy can't freely say something wrong and not get oppressed by being corrected on it.


Everyone has the right to be a bigot ...


Absolutely. And, in turn, they've got to put up with others having the right to call them on it.


Take this SA thing and their supply problems. Even the supplier coming out and saying it's a gas market issue, which would be hard enough to admit, isn't enough. No. It's wind farms. Because, because. That was my assertion and it was really important to my argument.


What % of climate change is anthropogenic?


None, we are just fucking with them.


Peolple who use these tactics to argue don't care about logic, science or truth,
they just need to feel like they've "had a win".


Interesting question. Without the extra greenhouse gas emissions from humans the answer is almost certainly all of it. Without the extra we would be in a stable period with a long projection into cooling, going by geological records.


My perspective is I worship Gaia. One time when I was astral projecting I met my spirit guide, she told me that the polluters were lizard people out to control us. I was ordered to forgo common sense and real world thinking. From that day forward I've taken any and all positions that protect Gaia, gotta fight the good fight against the lizard people.


I think Cory Bernardi is one of those, isn't he?


A Dec 2011 article FWIW -


Don't forgot Tony, could two men look more like lizards if they tried.


Cool. Cheers for that.


Tony has a real simian look about him to me. George Brandis is definitely toad like though. Dutton is human though. An animated human corpse.


George Christensen is the pig!