Club Slogans for 2018 - #Catchy_HassshTag

Adelaide ‘We Fly As One’

Brisbane ‘Feel The Difference’

Fark Carlton ‘Join the journey’

Collingwood ‘Forever Your Club. Forever Our Club.’

Esssendon ‘YESS’

Fremantle ‘The Time Has Come’

Geelong ‘Stand Proud in 2018’

Gold Coast ‘Ride The Next Wave’

Greater Western Sydney ‘Be GIANT’

Hawthorn ‘Game Face On. Always.’

Melbourne ‘Be a part of our journey’

North Melbourne : ‘Be a Shinboner’

Port Adelaide ‘We Are Port Adelaide’

Richmond ‘Strong and Bold’

St Kilda ‘Get your halo on’

Sydney ‘Be in the moments that matter’

West Coast ‘I’ll come and get you’

Western Bulldogs ‘Where Real Strength Lives’

wow some shockers in there.

Hawthorns is bad, but WC, what on earth is that. “I’ll come and get you” what does that even mean.


WC is hilarious, do they have a serial killer amongst their marketing department who in final meetings shocked all by out of nowhere put a split the boardroom table with a hunting knife, staring down everyone and dryly declaring “We are running with this.”


Ours should have been YESSS


Ours is pretty much the worst on that list, along with WC. WOW.


Yep always wondered why it didn’t become that after we signed SSS.

Most of the clubs have truly shocking slogans.



I think it’s obvious. The long version is:

“We’re going to be really ■■■■ this year so understand that no-one wants to go to our games. I’ll come and get you”.

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The saints is just cringeworthy


Some of these are “Can you smell what we are cooking?” level bad.

Even the bulldogs one is cringey

People are getting paid to make up these marketing campaigns too…

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I dont understand the West Coast one at all. Seems threatening

Maybe Uber will be a sponsor??


Maybe they will have Ben Cousins zipping around the city picking people up and driving them home safely

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West Coast’s slogan next year: ‘We know where you live’.

WC evoking the Calremont Serial Killer.


Genuinely surprised Geelong’s isn’t “Aaaaabbbbllllleeeeettttt”

Or “The second coming is nigh…”

Unfortunately ours is pretty bad though, but WC wtaf??? Not a good one amongst them

Thanks west coast for producing the worst. I thought ours was lame, but wow.

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People don’t see the brilliant simplicity in our’s then?

I reckon it’s pretty perfect for the next year.

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