Coaching set up in 2022

Not sure this warrants it’s own thread and perhaps the conversation is happening somewhere else and I missed it but with Dan Jordan officially gone what are the options for next year.

  • reshuffle and absorb role
  • promote Tudor
  • go external


best 22 coaching line up from ivan

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Yes yes, chortle

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Clarko in for Dan Jordan.

Be funny if we get Teague

I haven’t heard the word chortle for a while :joy:

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Exactly the same as this year, except:

Move Gia to the forward line.

Hire Rance as the backline coach.

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Interesting, is he living in Melbourne?

I don’t think so.

Throw the sink at Jimmy bartel

Iain Dowie

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I think we should get << insert random name here >>

Or in Nino’s case, << insert all the names here >>


If you throw the sink at jimmy bartel he will probably try to f—k it


James Hird forward Coach make it happen.

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I remember the Dan Jordan appointment to the role of forward line coach last year feeling a bit rushed. If memory serves we lost a coach (Skipworth?) suddenly and didn’t have a tonne of time to go out and scour the football world for the best possible candidate for the role so we pulled Dan out of the VFL to do it. I think even he said he was a bit surprised and that it was a bit of a whirlwind.

Hopefully we take our time, leave no stone unturned & then nail it.


Who’s has recently retired that wants to step straight into coaching


What’s Fletch doing these days

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