Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019

And there’s the fitness dept that got its duties shuffled around after Paul Turk left at the start of this season.


You say that like it’s fact. How about… We just cleared a heap of soft cap by offloading 2 coaches and made him a really good offer?

Is Luke Hodge a lock at Hawthorn next year?

Richmond have a great coaching panel, a bit like Hawthorn has over the past decade.

Usually when they leave it’s for a Senior Coaching role at another club. They seem to really enjoy the culture.

He might leave purely for money. I would be surprised if it happened though.

please provide a reason as to why skipworth should stay? and don’t say the players rate him, the players have achieved nothing as an afl club.

slighlty unfair to lump the whole forwardline problems on him.
hasn’t had the 3 main key forwards from 2017 up there, bar early 2018 when one was injured and out of form, the other was out of form and moved to the backline, the 3rd was shoved off to the vfl by rd 9 ish and hasn’t returned.

I still run with how much do assistant coaches actually control.
do they have free reign to pick whoever they want, tell them their starting positions, how far to push up etc etc, or do they merely monitor how the players are implementing the team and coaches as a whole/head coaches plan.

First person they need to hire is a kicking accuracy coach. Would make us an infinitely better team immediately.


If that’s the case then sign me up and pay me out!

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Getting rid of those to 2 coaches a sign that we are sticking with Woosha and going to change his assistants like pies and richmond did to bucks and dimma?


Let’s hope it works for us like it did for them.


The same can be said for Woosha too then yeah? Bad luck with players.

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How many Corrigans we put in cannon?

If the answer isn’t 2 we are doing it wrong.

It’s probably also time we cut Harvey loose. Is Skipworth is the Myers of the coaching panel?

Interesting to see who they bring in. Good to see some change and as pointed out, looks like they’ll be sticking with Worsfold.

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to make the same start to the season 2 years in a row is sufficient grounds to sack staff…our coach says its about learning well they didnt learn 1 bit about how to start a season !

early losses have made our season that much harder yet again!


Oh Dave has nothing on Skippy.

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How many of our players who are not past their prime can you name, that haven’t improved their game this year?

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Is Luke Hodge a lock at Hawthorn next year?

Don’t know but would love him as an assistant.



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Guelfi, Francis, Langford, Fantasia, Merrett, McKenna, Ridley, Tippungwuti (questionable).

Only player who has put their hand up for AA selection in 2019 is Saad.

Good improvement from Redman, McGrath, and the handful of games from Clarke.

Very disappointing year so far imo.