Coaching Team Review - please make new plans for 2019


Farkin sack all of them… who shoukd we appoint as interim?


It should be changed to “let’s hire coaches who were good as players”


What’s he done to make people like him?




Don’t know, I was just interested to find out if there was a reason behind people’s low opinion of him around here.
Seems to cop a bit whenever his name pops up.


I wonder how much influence Dodoro and Keane have over player development in their weekly list management meetings?

Because I can’t believe they would be happy with what’s happening to Langford and Clarke at this point.


For mine he was a better than average player who is portrayed as some kind of clinical genius only because Fox Sports present him that way.


David King will make more money with less pressure on him in the media than he would as an assistant coach / opposition analyst.
Ditto Ling.

A good coach will stay in the coaching industry to catch future trends, not sit in a commentary box.

We should be scouring through SANFL, VFL and WAFL successful teams and trying to find talent there.
If we are looking for player development roles, I’d look heavily at successful U18 comp teams.


No idea where to post this as theres other similar threads, but I found this to be really interesting, and shows the difference between us and other clubs in a similar situation

“By 0-4, we’d been there and done that before in 2010 when we were 1-6 after seven rounds and just worked so hard to get ourselves back into the season, just like Sydney did last year.

“But you spend so much energy just trying to get yourselves back into finals that you get into the finals and you’re kicked out of there pretty quickly — and that happened to Sydney.”

Clarkson added that the decision was primarily based around investing in the club’s next generation of players.

“It wasn’t that we chose to deliberately lose games or anything like that — we wanted to win — but we also weren’t going to try to push some of these players back from injury prematurely.

“We were going to make sure they’re right to go but, in the meantime, give as many youngsters as we could (a go).”

In turn, the likes of James Sicily, Ryan Burton, Blake Hardwick and Kaiden Brand received more senior game time, with most thriving in different positions on the ground.


In nino’s, king would be an upgrade on the 3 stooges we currently have


Did he play that long? He did it in 2001 in the comeback game too


Anyway, no one will be sacked mid season, despite certain posts on here. Worsfold will be here until at least halfway through 2020.

By then the board will have driven us into the ground and we will become a basketcase like never before.

But thats ok, they’ll move onto their real jobs. X move into AFL house, leaving behind the ruins and we will be the only idiots here left to rebuild.


Let’s all send Woosha these quotes to his email.

Maybe he will get the message.


Yea, better than average dual premiership player with All Australian honors in 97 & 98…loved playing us.


Based on the players listed, it’s a massive stretch to suggest Hawthorn went on some sort of youth campaign in 2017. (I don’t know how many others there were because I don’t watch them closely enough).

Sicily was drafted in 2013 and had played 22 games in 2016 plus games prior to that, so he seemed to be clearly best 22 before 2017.
Brand was drafted in 2012 and had also played 11 games in 2016.

Burton and Hardwick i’ll give them, but even those guys didn’t debut in 2017.


Must laugh at the HS saying the Hawks have rebuilt thier list in 12 months.

Do they reliase that the Hawks still have a core group of premiership stars carrying their younger players?

Take out Cyril,Roughhead,Burgoyne,Puopolo,Gunston,Smith etc and they will be a lot lower on the ladder.


I just looked at the 22 that played against us last weekend.
Average age 25.22 and average games 110.
This was despite having 3 players 20 or younger and who had played less than 10 games.
For this weekend, 2 of them have been dropped and replaced by much older players.
Their average age this weekend is 25.9 and games is 118.

Last weekend we were, 24.9 and 91 so basically 20 games average less experience.
We still need to ditch some senior players, but hopefully our “rebuild” won’t take long


Stupid Blitz software. I (thought I) edited that from 2011 to 2001 immediately after my original post, but it seems Blitz disagreed.

It was hilarious in 2001 where fans of both teams booed him for missing. It’s not often I boo an opponent because I wished he’d done better.


well our coach considers McNeice and McKenna “youth” so… glass houses and all that


McNeice I agree with you… but 2 of the guys listed in that article as part of Hawthorn’s youth push are older than McKenna and one has played more games. The other didn’t play against us and has played more VFL than AFL this year.

Hawthorn’s form turnaround is far more to do with getting their premiership players and O’Meara back on the park

Edit: i’m not defending what our coaches are doing. I’m just laughing at the Hawks rebuild crap that is coming out in the media now