Coffee machines


Had the Breville for a number of years now and it makes great coffee. To my taste, way ahead of most cafes etc., assuming you use good beans to start with. My only grizzle is the relatively small water reservoir which needs rather frequent refilling. Certainly worth what I paid for it. I also have an Aeropress for use when away from home. An excellent, device at a fraction of the price. Can thoroughly recommend both.


I bought Nespresso Latissimo One few months ago. Great little machine.
But all the components the milk flows through need to be cleaned pretty much after every use.
Still very happy with the :coffee:


We have a pod machine at work
I think one of the girls in the office keeps it clean :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
One morning two of us couldn’t find the machine so we did a couple of pods like shots
Didn’t work out so good


I covet one of these for home

but given the price, I think I’ll stick with the aeropress.

We have a massive serious unit at work, and the engineers spend more time tweaking their coffee technique than they do conducting stress analyses…


One of my best mates is getting a linea mini, really keen to try it.

My next one is probably going to be an ECM, or vibiemma, something with a rotary pump and e61 group head.

Rotary because i’ve got a plumbed set up already. and e61 has terrific thermal stability.

A quick heads up for those automotively inclined. If you’;re hand with working on a car, restoring a coffee machine would be a great project. very similar in how they’re build to withstand heat and pressure.


They all look fantastic…and completely out of my price range…

…calculates my coffee spend over the year…hmmmmm


One of my workmates swears by this beauty. Once you pair it up with the grinder he also recommends it comes to about $1400. I haven’t been able to justify that just yet.


2nd hand grinders from cafes can be super cheap, they get maintained because cafes never own their equipment, the supplier does, so they mandate a maintenance schedule.


One thing using the big machine has taught me is that there is a massive difference between when it’s done “right” and when it’s not, even out of the same machine with the same beans and grind.

I probably run at about 75% on that machine. In my experience that’s about 75% higher than any pod machine ever though…


pods are ■■■■.


My pod machine makes better coffee than three of the cafes near work, two of which are chains.


theres your problem


That’d explain it


It does, but let’s not pretend pods are the worst coffee ever.
I’m not even talking about Starbucks. Tried that once, couldn’t finish it and never again.


I got one of these sent from Italy about 5 years ago for about $170, but apparently there is now an au supplier. Once you get the hang of it re the optimal heat and grounds, it’s awesome. Takes about 5-10 minutes for actual proper espresso. I use a medium size coffee plunger to froth the milk, kmart job with plastic handle so you can microwave the milk first (without the metal plunger bit in). Got conical burr grinder from Aldi last year for about $70.


definitely not the worst ever, and definitely convenient, but I haven’t enjoyed the coffee I’ve had out of them as a rule


Also portable and looks cool


looks similar to (but a lot cheaper than!) this one

Both are pretty much just stovetops though right?


That’s an Atomic copy. They are good, have the heat wand for the milk, and make more coffee but very expensive. The Kamira only makes 1 or 2 shots at a time. I was actually looking for an Atomic at a decent price when I first found it. Both stovetops, yes, which is what I wanted


Next year I will somehow justify buying one of these.