Coffee machines


You had me at automated cleaning processes.


Is that one of those ones where you need to connect your bottle of milk up via a tube?


the best process is to get 2 single boilers, have one for steaming, one for brewing.



It’s a superb machine.
Great coffee.


Barnz is spot on here.

In early 2000’s I splashed out on a ~$3k set up - commercial grinder (Macap M5) and prosumer E61 machine (Unico Splendor). Lot of money at the time, but since then I’ve spent a couple of hundred on maintenance and that’s it. Will likely outlast me and it will be passed down to my daughters when I’m gone. Makes coffee on par with the best cafes and better than most. Steep learning curve, but totally with it if you appreciate your coffee. If not, a pod machine is probably the best value (even with the exorbitant price of pods).

All these good E61 machines have commercial quality components and you can pick them up 2nd hand for not much more than the average expendable Harvey Norman special (which will cost more in maintenance over time than the prosumer machines due to the later’s better quality commercial-grade innards).

TL;DR: If you plan on drinking coffee for many years to come, get an E61 machine and commercial quality grinder. Buy right, buy once, enjoy brilliant coffee forever. In 10 years time the initial cost will be the last thing on your mind.


I’ve had one of these, along with a Rocky grinder, for over 12 years. Well worth the money.


I have the previous model. Awesome coffee everytime.


Aldi espresso machine. Uses preground beans. Not the flashest but does the job.


POD machines are very innovative and easy to use and you quickly get your coffee.

But I have tried every favour that Nestles make and cannot find one that is great.


That coffee doesn’t look photoshop’ped.


Available in Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle - ONLY 1 LEFT!


I think you can just sip it from a cup, as usual.


Essentially I gave up on it for that reason…and something broke down.

My boss used to bring in Aldi pods…about 25% of the worst Nespresso ones. Quality, not price. I even tried the Nespresso Kona pods, which cost a lot more, and they lacked something too.

I don’t brew at home any more and drink exclusively at a local coffee shop which uses Cartel Roasters beans. I think they’re based in Geelong. Their beans, with Jersey milk, makes a great brew. Naturally they don’t use Port Fairy tap water, unless double filtered.

Driftwood cafe in Bank St opposite Fiddlers Green, for those venturing to the South West over summer. And don’t say you weren’t warned about the water. BYO. Very limestoney and minerally.


Because good pods don’t exist


Is it the pods, or that pod machines almost always under/over extract?

I always end up with that bitterness when I’ve had coffee made by pod machines


Pod machines are tackling the Nescafe blend 43 market than the serious coffee market.
They’re quick, convenient, and consistent. Never that good but also never that terrible.


Pods are luxurious to an International Roast drinker.


Caterer’s blend.


Coffee cordial.



… no editing on this one:

Can’t beat it for the money, indestructible, low maintenance (I’ve descaled this about 3 times in the 4 years I’ve had it)