Coffee machines


Coffee body scrub.



There’s a sign on a street near me advertising for coffee enemas. So now we know where Starbucks comes from.


Scary thought is that people use this crap as an alternative medicine, to treat stuff like cancer.


My best mate died because he used bullshit hippy crap to fight cancer, and didn’t hit the serious treatments until it was far too late. Worst moment of my life, sitting there holding his hand, tears streaming down my face, talking about our friendship, and our lives, the day before he died, knowing he couldn’t hear me, he couldn’t answer me, he couldn’t even squeeze my hand to tell me he was even still in there. People who con others with these bullshit so called cures for serious conditions should be forced to fight lions, armed only with a teaspoon, in televised events for the pleasure of the rest of us. They are slime.



An acquaintance’s mum got sucked in by the apricot pip crap. Didn’t touch the cancer, but the cyanide content gave her an ABI.

The mongrels who spread this ■■■■ should be shot.


Sorry guys, didn’t want to bring back any sad memories. Hopefully there are many good memories for you to recall of your friends.

I used to work in ‘big pharma’ so often am pretty critical of anything that’s not been tested pretty rigorously. And yes that industry comes into a fair bit of criticism, but they do an awful lot of good also.


Necessary inertia.

If any of this ■■■■ worked, big pharma would’ve bought it, patented it and be selling it back to us many, many years ago.

Their only conspiracy is they enjoy selling stuff for money.


how’s this bad boy going? looking at getting a new machine, replacing a nespresso. only really make weekend coffees, so it won’t be copping a beating. seems to get pretty good reviews from most users.


Got her an e gift voucher for Myer or somewhere.
What she doesn’t know can’t hurt.




Sorry I thought you were asking how mine was functioning to see if it was worthwhile buying one. I was originally asking if I should buy one for my other half.
In the end I didn’t buy one and just got her a voucher.


You bought the coffee machine a voucher?

you call it her?


She sounds a bit like Scarlett johanssen



Hate to be that guy but I reckon we’re past niceties. If you’re thinking of or are using pod machines there are so many better options that have way less impact. Stove top percolator, a good one, or the Aeropress. Quick, genuinely good coffee, no bitter aftertaste except the literal one if you wish.


Mind you that article is a bit of an advert for the bloke’s new venture, I might’ve chosen a more supportive one to quote


People need to know they can re use the pods, . cut plastic out, empty dregs, rinse dry, refill with coffee you like and cover with alfoil square, when they finally cark it, empty rinse and into the recycling. - did it for literally years with my Aldi machine, … and even better now, … they make re usable jobbies for most common Pod types.

From expensive everlasting, …

To cheap as chips on ebay, …


or just don’t use pods because using pre-ground beans is ■■■■?


Like using pre killed cows.


Particularly when the brief for them being created was well rumoured to have started with the question “How do we get people tp pay $90 a kilo for coffee?”