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well here are some hundreds of magazines and footy records all 90’s to early 2000’s to dispose of to any Blitzer.
Includes bomber yearbook 1999 {rare ?}2000 and 2001
Afl Footystars
Football Digest
Inside Football
AFL Record 2000 PF and GFinal
Bomber Magazine
Message me if your interested

photos on F/Book… “all things Essendon Bombers buy swap sell”


You should consider selling them.


might be worth chatting to @BomberMcVeigh in case there are some he’s missing


he gets rid of his excess thru the FLR tipping competition, my better half is in 3rd spot so we might increase the collection if she keeps it up LOL


Boring I know but I collect records - not particularly any style just plain ol records. Got about 1000 plus Ihave 600 CDs and 40 signed posters of Aussie bands. Sell a few occasionally but love reading and listening to them.


Just as a matter of interest, can you tell me what were the first 5 Biggles books, in order? The first one I read was called Rescue Flight or something similar that was in the class library in Year 8. I read lots back then but lost interest with the later ones.

Very dated and racist of course. I remember one where the “fiendish Chinese” had invented something that made planes fall out of the sky.


There were a lot of world war one short stories early on in monthly publications and some of the early books were compendiums of these.

First five in print order:

The Camel’s are Coming
Cruise of the Condor
Biggles of the Camel
Biggles Flies Again
Biggles learns to fly

But there were a heap in 1935 and I’m not certain of the order.

The “Chung’s” weapon was in “Hits the Trail”.


I picked up one at a bookshop in Skipton (well, actually a huge shed - no longer in business) that was supposed to be very difficult to find. Spitfire Parade. If anybody is looking for it to fill a collection, let me know. I think I paid about $75. Grabbed a few others (non-Biggles) that I was looking for, so just tacked this one on.


I once saw a copy of that controversial adult edition called “Biggles’ Flies Undone”.


Anyone remember when ABC had that show collectors? Had 2 experts, and a host guy, and used to get people on to talk about what they collected?

And then the cops found out the host was collecting kiddie ■■■■.
That was absolutely wild.


CAUTION: Amongst other things, I collect bakelite radios (see avatar) and purchased one today from NZ. I’ve been slugged 10% Australian GST. Apparently, as of today, any item ordered from overseas under $1,000 in value will attract GST (collected and duly forwarded to the Govt, in this case by eBay). Bastards!


Is my memory correct about Rescue Flight? The central character was a schoolboy whose brother was a pilot who got shot down behind enemy lines, but not captured. Biggles flies to the rescue.


yep. Biggles’ part in the book was (relatively) minor, the central focus was “thirty” and “rip” and their determination to rescue Thirty’s brother. I always found it a strange volume in the series, not published until 1939 and somewhat random.


It was set during the First War, wasn’t it? Perhaps written back then but not published till much later?

I remember one scene where the central character is told to go to see the headmaster, who gives him some bad news, and the boy is shocked to realise that “the Head was blubbing!”

Funny the things that stick in your mind.


Yes, WW1.

Certainly not written back then, ‘Biggles" didn’t really appear until the early 30’s, although Johns’ own combat pilot experiences in the first war certainly shaped the character. But many of the books from 1935-40 had a real ‘boys own adventure’ outlandish feel to them, I think Johns realised his market reacted well to some younger characters. The Rescue Flight was one such attempt to keep younger readers coming in, imo. There were far better tomes in the series.


Hi all, first time poster so please let me know if im in the wrong thread. Just cleaning out my apartment and found 60 bomber magazines from edition 2 to recent. Some are scruffy and some duplicates but most clean . If anyone is willing to pick these up from the Fitzroy area they can have them for free as i dont have the space. Would love them to go to another Essendon tragic like myself . If you’re keen please get in touch :slight_smile:


Hi all, last call on these for free if picked up. Cheers :slight_smile:


Good of you to offer mate. Maybe let the club know as it’s quite possible they never stored them properly and they might be interested.


that’s a really good suggestion wannabe :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure i offered the club my brother’s magazines when he died in 2000. They had a full collection and didn’t want them.

They were happy to take his Footy Records from 1959-1994.