Comparing 2012 with 2014: Training wheels stayed on

Soft tissue injuries ruined our season in 2012 .   A late season fade out  due presumably to psychological issues ruined 2013.  


But 2014 while patchy,   displayed a relatively stable physical performance right to the end.    No walkovers,  no capitulations, no blowouts,  no fitness deficit fadeout.  hammys all performed to the end.  The few injuries we had exposed lack of depth anyone following the VFL could see.


So,  what did  we get right in 2014 .     Was it the absence of high power "weaponry" in the weights room?

Was it Bomber Thompson managing fitness training really well?


I was fascinated to see Collingwood suffer a similar soft tissue fail in 2014 to the one we suffered in 2012.  

Its close to beyond reasonable doubt proof to me its not related to peptides,  but other factors maybe "overtraining " in the weights room.


So,  have we learned from 2014 how to keep hammys tight but not too uptight ?

Can we prevent a repeat of 2012 

Can we do a 2014  in terms of good fitness to peak at the end ?

Kudos to Justin Crow and his team, they've done a good job.

Kudos to Justin Crow and his team, they've done a good job.


Jezz.   I asked a lot of questions in there .  You seem to have answered it in one line.  Thanks.

Interesting article on Justin Crow.


Nothing like explosive power in the butt !.

Delisting of deadwood post 2012-2013 helped.