Conspiracy theory - ess v syd - umpire giving free kick stats

hi guys


sorry i know this is a long time after the syd v ess game, but i could only listen to the game as was in china with no coverage.  watched the game on a flight a few days ago, and at 4.07 mins into the second quarter it can clearly be heard the umpire say "thats 4 - 7 guys".  coincidentally at that time the free kick tally to us was the same as the umpire mentioned.  it was then over 20 to 4 for the rest of the game.  did anybody else here that?  sorry if my minutes in were wrong, was on a torrent feed i downloaded but was after the 3rd freekick we had that quarter on the back flank.


if the umpires are really worrying that much about frees we get, does anyone else feel like the afl are having an influence directing them to not give us a fair go?

From 3.50 onwards, you can infact hear it.

Not sure what to think of it though.

EDIT: link goes to results page. Scroll down until you find: R19 Essendon vs Sydney 2Q 2014.