Continuing the discussion from Something seriously wrong with the club:

Continuing the discussion from Something seriously wrong with the club:

In my lifetime the club has endured two periods of mediocrity and decline.

The first was the period from 1969 to 1981. From 1969 the club failed to professionalise along the lines of Richmond, Carlton and North Melbourne, or instil the desire for success that Hawthorn did with Kennedy. I think you could say Essendon were a well supported suburban amateur club.

The second period has been from 2004 to present. Most Bomber Blitzes will have their views about this. I think a fair summary of these views are;

  1. Sheedy stayed on 3 or 4 years too long.

  2. A poor coaching choice as his successor.

  3. The club’s administrative professionalism declining relative to other clubs.

  4. A growing emphasis on corporate rather than on field success.

  5. The messiah complex leading to a highly promising young coach in James Hird having to learn on the job with a successful ex coach in Bomber Thompson as his side kick, who had significant mental health issues.

  6. The saga, which exposed the club to national humiliation and indirectly led to two unforseen consequences; First , powerful and wealthy individuals saving the club financially but then having a disproportionate say in football matters,
    Second, the saga players being treated with kid gloves and creating a class system within the club.

  7. Well paid players who were satisfied playing for Essington rather than Essendon.

  8. A post saga President who was almost invisible.

  9. The appointment of an interim coach, the self proclaimed introvert, John Worsfold, who steadied the ship but should have been replaced after 2018.

  10. Failure to rebuild team lists along the lines of a Brisbane or a St Kilda

  11. A lack of transperancy and reliance on PR spin to explain the appointment of Rutten and the departure of several “star” players.

  12. Frustration amongst supporters loyal through the saga that there was no payback from the club with onfield success.


Add poor recruiting; very little team-first mentality; & lack of kicking & hand-balling skills unlike (I hate to say it, Clarkson) who wouldn’t bring in a player who couldn’t kick accurately & effectively.

Not all doom & gloom, as I can handle short-term pain whilst the above, & points you mention, are rectified.

Just get it done from Essendon - from President down to the boot-studder …