Convince me

Can someone please give me a good reason why I should go to the game this week?

I have been a member for 28 years and have missed only a handful of games in Victoria during this time. Over the years I have never ever been convinced by the marketing team to become an Essendon member, I just do it because I love the Bombers. Essendon get my money every year and I contribute to the membership tally statistics. Pat on the back EFC.

Watching the team play against the Western Bulldogs and now Collingwood has completely crushed my spirit.

We play injured / out of form players
The coach admits that the players are confused by the game plan
We regularly kick the ball backwards and slowly sideways
We miss simple set shots (but before the game players are constantly practising the impossible round the corner, boundary line, wrong foot dribble kicks).

It’s self sabotage. Forget winning, this scenario doesn’t even make us competitive.

Going to the football and watching this rubbish isn’t fun anymore so why should I continue to dedicate a full day every week when I can listen to it on the radio?

As far as I’m concerned, my seats can remain empty because I feel that showing up somehow condones what is happening on and off the field.


If I was a Victorian member, I wouldn’t. No way. I’d find something else to do

I’m struggling to find a reason to go myself


Because we are called supporters. We support them through the ups and downs. And it’s farking hard ATM. But that’s what we do.


hot chips?


Melbourne are as much of rabble as us?

Only fits that their senior coach used to be an assistant coach at Essendon.

You go because that’s what supporters do.
Just don’t emotionally invest yourself in the club. Easier said than done though.


I always love a big sob story about “I’ve been a member for 50 years, never missed a goal and even got married at windy Hill, but this loss… This is the one, man.”

Really? This one? Sat through the horrors of 2006, 2010, 2015, 2016… But this one is where you draw the line?


X and the executive have already shown that they take supporter loyalty for granted whilst they spend their time and focus on esports, b ball and the ‘business’. Non attendance would at least send the msg that they can’t.



If you expect the team to fight and hang in there and not give up, then supporters should expect to do the same, especially when things are hard.

I don’t buy into the club doesn’t care message. That they only want the membership numbers.
The best thing that can make the club bigger and stronger is to win Premierships. It’s what sells. And bad football is the worst thing for the club (call it their brand if you like).

I’ll go and cheer “yay Bombers” and hope we can play to our true potential. Hope for the win. Sure there will be times when I’m not going to like it. Hate it actually. Times when I think why the frigg did I give up my afternoon for this. But overall, it’ll be because I love the club and just want it to do well and win. And I feel sorry for it and us when they don’t.

Yay Bombers.


I have significant concerns about taking the 3y/o to her 2nd game this week… Sure, there’ll be plenty of spare seats but the collective venting of spleens ain’t gonna make for a real pleasant environment when we inevitably produce the same garbage we did yesterday and get torched by the Dees…


thought of another reason.

battle of the fiery rangas, BJ vs Oliver.

Because you can’t experience kiss cam and dance cam at home.


So you can come onto blitz and when someobody posts something you dont like, you can say “YEAH BUT DO YOU EVEN GO TO GAMES M8?”


I will go, but I am not looking forward to it and I also find it very difficult to justify why I am going when we put out performances like 2 of the past 3 weeks. Our list has all the talent in the world but absolutely zero application. Richmond have all the application in the world and I would say only their best 7-8 players have any super talent. System over talent wins games of football and we are so far away from realising that as a team, as supporters we need to make peace with the fact it is looking increasingly likely this will be a wasted year.


Are you trying to tell me that there was a game in 2016 where we dished up garbage like we did against the Bulldogs and Magpies?
In 2016 we were up against it every single week, I have never been more proud of a bunch of players in my life.


It’s really hard to appreciated just how lazy and pathetic our team is unless you have a full view of the ground in person.


There is only so much disappointment and bog average efforts some people can take. Every loss that goes by now, every wasted year, that adds to the 16 year streak of no finals win, is slowly killing people’s passion. It’s the fact that with a talented list, we look bottom 4.


Sit up the top where you can see just how much we miss targets by and how little half of the team chase


There were still some pretty sh*t losses, but I take your point.

But the other years?

Fingers crossed here…to see some Kids Debut - Clarke, Mutch maybe Zerk-Thatcher or Ridley
plus returns of a couple of these youngsters - Laverde, langford, Redman

Hopefully match selection gives you enough reason to turn up.

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